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Happy Birthday!

19 Oct

Isn’t he cute?? 🙂

Happy Birthday to The Hubs who turns 30 years young today!
Thanks for putting up with my crap and loving me anyways.

Here’s to many more wonderfully happy birthdays! 🙂

(Sorry that this showed up in Google Reader yesterday!)


Weekend Surprises

17 Oct

This weekend was full of surprises for The Hubs’s 30th birthday which is coming up on Wednesday. I was so proud of myself that I was able to keep all the activities I planned for the weekend a secret, since I usually have an extremely big mouth.

I decided that I wouldn’t tell him anything and then give him clues along the way. I also tried to mislead him a bit in hopes that it would lead him off course making the surprise even more exciting!

We started off by heading south to Gilroy to stop at the outlets for The Hubs to get some new jeans. I wasn’t too worried about him knowing we were going south since there are SO many places that we could head from that direction – L.A., San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Barbara. While at the outlets, I ended up getting myself some fun things as well.

A new Coach purse and wallet in my favorite colors and perfect for fall!

And my first Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Carribbean blue! I can’t wait to use it to make some fun one pot meals!

I gave The Hubs his first clue which was a California Sea Otter. At first he had NO IDEA what it meant, even though I thought it was pretty obvious. Finally after a little bit of leading him along the right path he guessed Monterey. We stopped at our hotel, checked into our room and then I gave him his second clue for our next activity. This one was a wine glass, so it was fairly easy for him to figure out we were going wine tasting.

We headed to Cannery Row so that we could enjoy the Monterey Bay and do some wine tasting at one of the many tasting rooms there. Although we thought the weather might be cold and gloomy in ended up being a gorgeous day!

We stopped at the Bargetto and Schied Tasting Room and enjoyed quite a few delicious wines. We ended up buying a red wine at each.

We also bought a couple of fun ornaments. We love buying unique ornaments at the places we visit. We’ve been trying to accumulate our own ornaments since a lot of the ones on our tree belong to our parents!  I chose a Starfish Santa, while The Hubs picked a Coca Cola bottle cap. He LOVES his Coke!

Next on the agenda was dinner reservations at Monterey Fish House. I had never been here before, but it came with good recommendations. We got there a bit early and there was already a line out the door waiting to be seated! I was so glad I made a reservation, as we were able to sit right down. I forgot to take pictures of our meals, but I had oak grilled salmon, while The Hubs had oak grilled swordfish. Both were delicious and we were extremely full by the end of the meal!

I was so excited because it was almost time for the main event. The Hubs was excited too as he had some ideas in his head and wanted to see if he was right. I gave him the last clue.

He looked at the clue and said “Seinfeld?”.

I smiled excitedly and said “So you know what we are doing???””

“Seeing Jerry Seinfeld stand up on a boat.” – I had sorta lead him along a boat route thinking maybe we were going to do a cruise or something. Ended up not being such a good idea since he seemed pretty exciting about the boat…

“Well, yes, but not on a boat!! Are you so excited??”

He replied… “Sure!”

“Isn’t it great that you get to see him live for the first time???”

“Well, I’ve already seen him.”

Cue Jen’s Ego deflating… (I should have watch Oprah’s Lifeclass earlier in the week to learn more about defeating the ego so I could have avoided getting upset. More on that later this week…)

“Oh…. I didn’t realize.” I replied. Then proceeded to get upset that the surprise was a big let down.

The Hubs said it wasn’t, but I could still see that he expected something different after I built up the surprise so much.

We went to the show, which was at the Golden State Theater. It provided an awesome ambiance for the show. We ended up laughing the whole time! Seinfeld was hilarious and the show obviously wasn’t the same as the one The Hubs had seen years before, but in the end I still felt a little bad. I kept thinking about all the things I should have done instead. Maybe I should have gotten him Garth Brooks tickets since he’s never seen him and it’s on his bucket list. I should have saved the money and done that instead. I should have known that he had already seen Seinfeld, of course… Nothing like the ego to kick me repeatedly in my own butt while I’m down!

I know I probably overreacted, but I really wanted to do something BIG for his 30th birthday and since he’d already done this activity before, it wasn’t exactly the reaction I expected.

After the show we went to get sundaes at Ghirardelli, which was yummy deliciousness. Then we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Although things didn’t turn out exactly as planned, I think I would still consider the weekend a success. We had a great time shopping, wine tasting, enjoying the show and each others company. I need to remember that we have the rest of our lives to experience fun and exciting things together and I can try to pull off a different big surprise hopefully in the coming years!

Have you ever tried to pull off a big surprise that didn’t turn out as expected?

Happy Friday!

14 Oct

I’m so excited it’s Friday!

I have a fun surprise weekend planned for The Hubs! I’ll fill you in on everything Monday, but here are a few clues about where we are going and what we are doing! 🙂

Image Source: Here

Image Source: Here

Image Source: Flickr

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Let’s Compare…

4 Mar

Can anyone guess whose side of the room these pictures were taken on???

If you guessed that this is The Hubs’s side of the room, you would be CORRECT!!

Any in comparison, here’s my side of the room…

When The Hubs realized I was taking these comparison picutres, he knew right away they would be making it on the blog. He did try hard to pick up the clothes and plop them on the bed before I could take the picture, but I was too quick for him!

His side of the room/bed pretty much looks like this all the time, unless we have company coming over. I’ve tried to make it easy to put clothes in the laundry by buying baskets that we keep in the closet. Then clothes can easily be tossed in – sorta like a game! Obviously it hasn’t worked so well.

The Hubs complains that he can’t remember which clothes go in which basket. So, my next attempt is going to be to label the baskets. We’ll see how that works.

Any one else have a significant other who is not the neatest person in the world? Any recommendations in how you get them to pick up after themself?

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Hope you all are having a fantastic Valentine’s Day! I know I am!

I just got these beautiful flowers at work!

I think it is the first time I’ve ever had roses delivered to me! I love my honey!

The Hubs and I had a fancy meal of crab and roasted asparagus on Saturday, so tonight will be an easy meal of pasta leftovers and molten lava cakes for dessert. Then we’ll curl up, cuddle and watch The Bachelor!
hehe 🙂

I better get back to work so I can leave on time!!

Christmas Loot – The Hubs’s Edition

29 Dec

In the previous installment of Christmas Loot, I shared the four gifts that were my favorite this holiday season.

In this post, I’ll share those gifts that The Hubs got that he was super excited about. (Side note: None of the gifts I gave The Hubs made the top 4 since I had already bought him this Craftsman toolchest for his birthday in October).

Gift from The Bro
While opening presents on Christmas Day at The Hubs’s family’s place, he received some strange gifts including conduit fittings and a wiring book. I was a bit confused, but apparently The Hubs knew what was coming! Finally, two long skinny packages were revealed. Inside were FLUORESCENT LIGHTS for our garage.

The Hubs had asked for these since the lights we currently have in our garage are less than stellar. He enjoys working on projects in the garage and uses it as his workshop since we don’t have enough space to actually park a car in it. He’s also going to LOVE learning how to install the lighting himself with his brother’s help!

Gifts from The Fam
The Hubs and I have had a Wii for over a year. We only had a couple of games and really don’t find much time to play with it. The Hubs though asked for (and received) two Wii Games this holiday season.

We played the games with the family on Christmas and had a really great time! They brought us back to the days of the original Nintendo. The Hubs also is excited to have these games cause he figures he can play them while I’m preoccupied blogging!
Another computer related gift The Hubs asked for was the Windows 7 upgrade for his operating system.

He has it on his work computer and really likes it. We’ll see how hard it is to actually install. Hopefully, its not as complicated or crappy as Vista was….

Gifts for Ourselves
The Hubs ended up buying a very BIG gift for himself for Christmas this year…one that hopefully he will use many many times in the years to come.

 A DeWalt 12″ Double Bevel Compoud Sliding Miter Saw! His main reason for getting this saw was to make the corner cuts for the crown molding he is currently installing in our bedroom. He’s eventually going to install crown molding throughout the house, so this saw is definitely going to come in handy. It will also be the perfect tool for any other woodworking projects he plans on tackling, which is something he really enjoys doing (especially now that he will have brand spankin’ new fluorescent lights to light the garage!).

The final installment in the Christmas Loot series will feature our favorite gifts that The Hubs and I received together as a couple.

Christmas in San Francisco

12 Dec

Every holiday season, The Hubs and I try to make it across the Bay to spend an evening enjoying the lights and sounds of Christmas in the City.

This year, my family and Kris’s mom decided to take the trip with us.

When we got to SF, we were amazed at what such a beautiful night it was. The air was calm and warm. We didn’t even need the heavy winter coats we brought with us. This is the first weekend in probably a month were we haven’t had rain on the weekend, so there were TONS of people out enjoying the weather with us.

Our first stop was a quick bite to eat at a restaurant that offers a San Francisco staple.

Boudin Bakery has the BEST sourdough bread! The Hubs and I had their famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

Next up, we walked through Macy’s over to Union Square where we enjoyed the beautiful Christmas tree and all of the lights that Macy’s put up in their windows.

It was the perfect opportunity to take a holiday picture with a beautiful backdrop!

We went into the Westin St. Francis to take a ride on their Tower Elevators. The Hubs and I did it last year and it was scary, but provided a great view of the city! Unfortunately, the hotel figured out that non-hotel stayers were taking rides so they started only letting people with keys in that area. Bummer! We did get to see the cool gingerbread house made out of sugar though.

On the way back to BART, we got to see some cute pups and kittens in the window. These kittens were snuggling! They were SO adorable!

We had a great time with our family in the city! The Hubs and I enjoyed it so much we may go back and have dinner at Lefty O’Doul’s so we can meet the infamous Santa who was fired from Macy’s!

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS and especially Christmas in the City!