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Halloween Baby

29 Oct

Today I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with no sign of labor anywhere in sight.

I had a doctor’s appointment today to check any progress and schedule an induction for the end of the week. 

My progress was basically nothing, although my cervix is softening, which I guess is the first step. 

The doctor went to go call the hospital to schedule my induction just to find out that the nurses will be going on strike at the  end of the week and would be out 5 days. My doctor won’t let me go past 41 weeks and the nurses won’t admit any inductions during the strike so a midweek induction was the latest date we could get in order to give me time to go into labor on my own. Problem with that date is that I likely would be in active labor when the switch is made between the striking nurses and the fill in nurses.

The doctor said that although the fill in nurses are qualified, she often has to micro manage her patient’s care during the strike time since the new nurses are less familiar with the systems of our particular hospital. This meant I had a decision to make…try to get an earlier induction scheduled in order to at least HAVE the baby with the regular nurses or keep with the original date.

I know inductions are often associated with harder labors, so I was hoping to give myself as long as possible to be able to go into labor on my own. However, I also am worried about being in labor with fill in nurses in charge of my care. After a good cry and conferring with my doctor and a few nurse friends, The Hubs and I thought it would be best to try to get as early induction as possible.

I was hoping to get induced sometime today to make totally sure I would be under the care of regular nurses, however I guess they are slammed today and can’t take an “elective” induction. Full moon curse I guess…

So the earliest I can go in is tomorrow morning. I have to call an hour before, but I’m hoping that they can keep my induction time of 6-7am.  Then I have to hope the baby comes within 48 hrs before the nurses go on strike on Thursday morning at 7am.

In the meantime, I’m doing whatever I can to make some sort of progress. I’ve walked 5.4 miles today alone and hope to clock in another mile this evening sometime. We are going to finish packing the car tonight and have everything ready to go. We are going to bring in some food to eat, maybe have a glass of wine and enjoy the last night in the house just the two of us.

So considering it looks like tomorrow will be all about make some sort of cervical progress, it looks like we’ll hopefully have a Halloween baby. At least that is what I’m hoping for…

If I’m not in too much pain tomorrow, I plan on trying to catch up on my 39 and 40 week updates while we are waiting around for stuff to happen. In the meantime, I guess I’ll see ya all on the flip side as a MOM! 


Due Date and Some News

26 Oct

So here we are…

Finally at my due date with really no signs of labor happening as of yet. I’ve had some Braxton Hicks contractions in the evenings, but there is no way I could time them and I’m not in pain (No Pain = Most likely nothing happening).

Last week, I was NOT ready for the baby to come out, but now I’m SO ready.

The whole family is so ready to meet the little one and shower lots of love over him/her. 

This is especially the case after the sad and terrible event of Sunday afternoon.

That was when The Hubs got the call from his brother that his dad had unexpectedly passed away from what appeared to be a heart attack. It was incredibly shocking, sad and seriously hard to believe. In fact, it still is… It wasn’t supposed to be like this, especially with the baby SO close to arriving…

The Hubs is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  I think for the most part he’s running on the adrenaline of the baby’s impending arrival, as well as SF Giant’s baseball (thankfully we’ve made it to the World Series for a little more fun/distracting baseball watching). 

My MIL also seems to be doing ok too. She’s an incredibly strong lady and attacks every day with whatever needs to be done. 

It is still so hard to believe that this even occurred… 6 days after my MIL’s birthday, 2 days after The Hubs’s birthday, and within the week of his first grandchild’s arrival…

I’m incredibly thankful to my family also, who has really been helpful in coming to my recent doctor’s visits with me since The Hubs has been busy helping his mom out with things.

For now though, I’m trying to focus on talking this baby out of my womb and staying strong both for The Hubs and what I know will be a painful, but incredibly rewarding labor experience.

Hopefully, we’ll have some exciting, happy news to pass along this weekend sometime!

PS – Sorry to any friends we haven’t told about this personally. It has been a bit difficult especially since I’m not sure The Hubs is really ready to talk about it… I think his focus, for now, is all on the baby…

Week 38

19 Oct

Week 38 Highlights

  • Last week of work!
  • I worked from home three days this week and because I finished most of my work up early in the week, I had some time to start checking things off my pre-baby maternity to-do list, including making and freezing my favorite Paleo Pumpkin Chili Recipe. 
  • Monday brought a SUPER quick non-stress test because the baby was a real wiggle worm. 
  • This week it started to become real that this pregnancy is coming to an end. Although I won’t miss the stress that the second half of this pregnancy brought, I will miss something things like feeling the little one move, etc. I really wish that I could have let myself enjoy every single minute without so much worry.
  • I’m starting to get really nervous about labor and what to expect. I’m also worrying about how our life is going to change once this little one arrives and if we are going to be able to handle it all.
  • The Giants swept the Cincinnati Reds on the road to move on in the playoffs! It was an exciting three games, two of which I was lucky to watch since I was working from home! They are the first team in history to ever achieve such a feat after being down two games to  none!
  • My last day of work was really strange. Everyone asked if I was excited. To me it all just felt really strange. Not at all the way I expected to react. I can’t believe that I don’t have to go back for 5.5 months!
  • The Hubs and I went out to dinner on Friday to a REALLY yummy Indian restaurant in town. It was delicious and surprisingly didn’t do much to my blood sugar (considring the amount of naan and rice I ate!). Then we headed down the street for a game of mini golf, which was lots of fun! We figured we better get as much of this in before the little one comes.

  • No real signs of labor this week which is fine by me since I want to have next week to get a few more things done around the house!

OB Woes

15 Oct

As my first pregnancy draws to a close, I’ve found that I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I TRULY need in a health care provider. 

I have had my current OB/GYN for over seven years and was always adamant about how much I loved her. In fact, I would choose my insurance based on whether or not she was in network and followed her from her original location 5 minutes from my house, down to Berkeley (which is NOT always an easy commute!)  She was the only doctor in the practice so I knew that I would always be seeing her.  She was always so reassuring when I came in for my annual appointments, knowing that I was prone to anxiety. The nurse who works at the front desk is so nice that she feels like an old friend.

When it came time to get pregnant, she knew that I was concerned about my ability to conceive. However, she was always extremely positive that we could get it done without a lot of medical intervention and trips to the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).  I was always doubtful, but she focused on starting out as low tech as possible and then moving on from there. In the end, when I did get pregnant (naturally no less), I was grateful for this course of action.

The beginning of my pregnancy was relatively uneventful. I had a bit of high blood pressure, however after she made me check it regularly through the week, it was determined to be “white coat syndrome”. (This was my first clue that this OB was data driven – i.e. getting more data in order to figure out what to do next.) After awhile, I got used to going to the doctor and my blood pressure began to check out normally. The OB was also ok with us not doing the first trimester screen, which was nice.

My first clue that something was different about this OB was the fact that once I hit 28 weeks and had to do the glucose screening, I was relegated to doing a 2 hour Glucose Tolerance Test where if you fail you fail. I had never heard of this since pretty much EVERYONE I knew would take the 1 hour test and then if there was a failure they would take the 3 hour test which it seemed like most everyone passed. The doctor said the 2 hour test was the “new standard”. (Looking back, I think that just means more stringent since it is recommended by the Diabetes Association.)

After taking the test and ultimately being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, I now saw where my data driven OB started going. There would be more doctor appointments and more tests. Now I am all for being careful, but with most of my glucose numbers totally under control, I thought that she would be a little more lax. I mean the restrictions I was under seemed even more stringent then for a pregnant diabetic!  Uh…no… No cheating allowed or there would be consequences of a large baby and lots of other complications I’m not even going to mention.

Then a few weeks later, my baby is measuring too small… Now we have to do a whole new set of tests and ultrasounds to prove that the placenta is working ok. Seriously??? I follow a diet to prevent a big baby, now my baby is too small. All of this information, data and worst case scenarios are not good for the pessimistic, anxiety driven pregnant women such as myself. 

Then last week when we started talking seriously about labor, she started talking about how I would need continuous fetal monitoring because of the diabetes.  This would mean I would either have to use the wireless fetal monitor (which doesn’t always work) or be connected to the monitor and have as much range of motion as the wires would allow. Not exactly what I was looking to hear. Although I’m not planning on having a completely unmedicated birth, I did have a goal of how far I would like to get before asking for meds. To do this, I anticipate wanting to move around and even get into the shower which I find so incredibly relaxing normally (can’t say how I’ll actually feel once labor starts though..). It feels like my options are just more limited all because of one diagnosis. 

I understand that she is just being super cautious. Even the perinatologist said they were being overly cautious. And I want to have a healthy baby, so I’m all for being cautious. However, I think that all of this could have been presented in a much less stressful manner.  

I never thought I would be one to say that I would like things to be “less medical”, but in this case I think that probably the stress of the 2nd half of my pregnancy was worse than the original diagnosis.

So I’ve been thinking that if I am lucky enough to experience a 2nd pregnancy, that I just may want to switch doctors and maybe even look into finding a midwife. Problem is I still want to deliver at a hospital and I’m not sure if a midwife will even take me as a patient because I’m likely going to be deemed high risk from the beginning because of my gestational diabetes diagnosis.  

Luckily I have some time before I have to make this decisions, but I’m grateful for all this experience has taught me. It will definitely come in handy, not only if I pick another OB/midwife, but when dealing with my primary care physician and pediatrician. 

Have any of you had a similar experience with any of your doctors? How have you dealt with it?




Week 37

12 Oct

Week 37 Highlights

  • We had our maternity pics scheduled this week and had a really great time taking them! The photographer was so nice and the location was beautiful. I can’t wait to see all of the pics in 4-6 weeks, but she was able to post a preview on her Facebook page!

Image Source: Facebook

  • I went a reunion with some people I went to Catholic grammar school with (K-6). It was such a fun time! I hadn’t seen or talked to most of these people in years, although I am friends with some of them on Facebook. The girl who hosted had pictures up from back in the day that were so fun to look and reminisce about. The Hubs came with me and thought it was so funny that we could all get together and recount events from over 20 years ago. I was able to reconnect with quite a few people who live really close to me, including one who has an 8 month old. I’m hoping that we can all stay in touch and get together more often!

  • I had my work baby shower this week and boy where my coworkers generous! They were able to collect enough money to get us the Bob stroller we wanted, as well as the infant car seat adpater, parent console and snack tray!  I’m so lucky to have such awesome coworkers!

Image Source: Amazon

  • I went to tour the day care that I liked based on the open house we attended, but this time with babies actually being watched. It was a great experience! The teachers were all so nice and the babies all seemed calm and happy. There was no crying and no chaos. It was just what I needed to see. I’m hoping to post a longer post on picking day care in the next week or so.
  • I continued to eat more normally in hopes of putting on a little more weight and help the belly grow. I had a couple of cheat days from my typical GD diet. My numbers are ALWAYS so good that I figured it wouldn’t matter. Wouldn’t you know though, the minute I stopped watching so carefully, the scale started creeping up. Not sure if it is me or the baby since the baby is supposed to start packing on the lbs, but whatever! 
  • Had another doctor appointment…the start of my weekly visits. My belly measured bigger than two weeks ago which was a good thing! I began asking her more questions about how labor would go and what sort of procedures she would order (based on what I learned in my childbirth class). The more we talked, the more I started to realize that although I’m not super concerned about having a natural birth or a birth plan and that I’m all about being cautious in monitoring the baby, this doctor might just be too “medical” for me. I’m also planning on posting more about this since I always thought that I LOVED this doctor. It really wasn’t until the 2nd half of my pregnancy, that I started having doubts… Right now, I’m just trying to focus on the end result of “healthy baby, healthy mom.”

Week 36

10 Oct

Week 36 Highlights

  • We had another childbirth class at the hospital where we will be delivering. I’m probably doing overkill on the childbirth prep, but since The Hubs isn’t reading any books, the class format really helped both of us! My favorite activity was practicing relaxation techniques while holding ice cubes. I know it is NOTHING compared to what labor will be, but it at least showed that relaxing and breathing deeply makes the time go by faster. It was also fun to see The Hubs try it out! I also figured out that I really like sitting on a birth ball and like to also have my lower back massaged. Hopefully these things will come in handy when the time comes!
  • I hung out with another friend who is preggo, but about 3 months behind me. We talked about all things baby, which was fun!
  • I had a Perinatolgist appointment which I was dreading, especially with all of the drama of last week. I also had to wait forever to see the doctor and when I finally got in the exam room had to listen to a women in the next room moan and cry for over 20 minutes. That really doesn’t help with the nerves. Once the doctor finally arrived, he measured my belly (still small), but was ok with it all based on the ultrasound information. He looked at my sugar numbers which looked good and again judged me that I hadn’t gained enough weight. All things said though, he informed me that I didn’t have to come back to see him unless something else high risk occurred. Hallelujah! I graduated! One less doctor to see!
  • I started working from home the two days a week I have doctor or NST appointments. This is SO helpful. I found that I get SO much more done at home then at work, especially when I eliminate the long commute! This week I was really successful at knocking quite a few more things off my work to do list! Wahoo!
  • The one “panic session” of the week occurred early one morning when I woke up thinking that I hadn’t felt the baby move in a few hours. My doctor has really got me stressed about Kick Counts, so I got up and was frantically trying everything to get the baby to move. I drank cold water, pushed and prodded my stomach, got up and walked around…nothing seemed to work. I ended up calling my mom at 12 am. She obviously thought I was in labor! Ha! Anyways, I decided to call the hospital down the street where I am having my regular NST’s to see what they recommended. The nurse who answered seemed like this wasn’t the first time she had gotten a call of this nature. She said to eat something light, like down in a dark room on my left side and count 10 kicks in an hour. If I didn’t get 10 in an hour, then I should go in to the hospital where I would be delivering to get checked out. I hung up, ate a few apples slices and laid down on my left side with my mom still on the phone. After a few minutes, the baby slowly started waking up and before I knew it I had reached 10 kicks. Everything was fine. Thank you! The one good thing about this late night “scare”…. got The Hubs to finally start packing his bag for when it really is go time! hehe 🙂

Week 35

9 Oct

Week 35 Highlights

  • Got back into blogging (and catching up on these update posts! Almost there – just 2 more to catch up ! Should be done this week!)
  • Went to a breastfeeding class. I’m really worried about being successful at breastfeeding… mostly in dealing with the pain and getting used to the intense suction these babies produce. I hear that I need to give it at least 2 weeks to get used to. I’ m trying to gather as much info as possible, as well as stocking up on ointments, creams, soothies, anything that may help with the pain and get me over the hump. Luckily I have lots of friends who have been successful, so you can be sure I will be calling them incessantly for advice! (You all have been warned!)
  • With 3 more weeks of work, I’ve been working extremely hard to tie up loose ends. My to-do list feels endless!
  • I had my first Biophysical Profile Ultrasound. This is where they look to make sure the u/s tech looks at the babies breathing, muscle tone, heart rate, movement, and amniotic fluid. The nurse assured me that it was routine (especially with mom’s with Gestational Diabetes), although I found out later it was likely because the baby didn’t respond to the NST fast enough. It all went fine though and the baby made a perfect score! (Obviously my baby! hehe :-))
  • This week I was also really starting to try to enjoy the remaining weeks of pregnancy. I was eating more regularly and not worrying so much about my sugar numbers. That was all until…
  • My doctor’s appointment. Typically, everything goes just fine and I’m usually looking forward to the appointment. This week, however, when the doctor measured my fundal height, it was measuring 31 weeks…the same as my last appointment 2 wks ago!  Being 35 weeks, this was of concern to the doctor. It basically could indicate that the baby wasn’t growing and that there could be something wrong with the placenta not providing enough nutrients to the baby. I was DISTRAUGHT, obviously. The doctor did a preliminary ultrasound in the office and to her it looked like the baby was measuring 1.5 wks behind. Not as bad, but her u/s machine is apparently not the most accurate. She recommended I go for a more high tech ultrasound to double check. I kept asking her what the worst case scenario was (not the best thing for me to ask being the worrier I am) and she said that if the baby wasn’t growing and the placenta wasn’t working, we’d have to “take the baby out”. I cried the whole way home. I could barely find even find my way home. I miss my acupuncture appointment. It was horrible!
  • The next morning I called to schedule the higher tech ultrasound as soon as possible. Luckily they could take me, since I didn’t want to spend the whole weekend worrying.  The Hubs went with me in the off chance that something was wrong… We got a REALLY nice u/s tech. As she was doing the u/s she kept reassuring us that the baby looked cozy and healthy. She took the necessary measurements and told us the baby looked to be about 5 lb 3 oz…a little small for 35 weeks gestation, but within the range of error. She did a doppler on the placenta where they look at the blood flow from it to the baby. It also looked like it was working fine. Then because of all of the stress she could tell we were going through, she spent a bunch of time and took lots of pictures of the little one’s face. They were the best pictures were had ever gotten! We think the little one has my nose and The Hubs’s cheeks  (he’s the baby in the last pic)! See for yourself!

  • I didn’t hear from the doctor all weekend (at least that is what I thought). I assumed “no news is good news”. The next day, I noticed a message on our home phone (why the heck can’t these drs call cell phones!). Sure enough, the message was from the doctor saying that the baby was moving 1.5 wks behind, but that they don’t start worrying until the baby is measuring 3 wks behind. Phew! Why she couldn’t have said that at my doctor’s appointment, I don’t know, but I was just thankful that everything looked ok. The plan was to have another ultrasound at 38 weeks to check progress again.