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Grown Up Room – Completed!

19 Sep

I know a decorator’s work is never done, but I think that for now, I’ve completed the decorating process for our bedroom! 

Way back in January, we had bought furniture that seemed to really start to bring the room together.

However, the wall above the dresser was still a bit bare and I wasn’t totally sold on the lamps on the side table. Pregnancy stalled progress a bit until the nesting bug hit in the 2nd trimester!

All it took were a couple of impulse buys from Target, Kohls and Home Goods and a new wedding picture printed at the same time I was working on another picture DIY to make our room a place we love to lay our heads!

I purchased new lamp bases and white lamp shades with a hint of blue to bring out the blues in the room. Love how moving from a cream lamp shade to a white one really brightened up the room. (Please ignore the messy side tables, although they are true to form!)

I then found the most perfect wall art to complete the wall over the dresser. (Oh how I wished our dresser looked like this every day. The downfall of having it on The Hubs side of the room…it’s where he places all his crap!)

Here’s a close up of the square wall art I found at Kohl’s. I just had to have it when I saw it since it looks like it was MADE to go with our “shower curtain” valence!

A lovely (and cheap) piece I found at Home Goods with all the right complementary colors.

And my favorite part of the room, this wedding picture showing us leaving our reception to have our pictures taken. I altered it to sepia and just LOVE the way it turned out. It is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day!

So what do you think? Is this decorator’s work complete?? 🙂


2012 DIY Projects Completed So Far!

3 Jul

I am sooo excited about the DIY projects I’ve just completed!

I’m typically not the best DIYer, but with a little help from The Hubs and the motivation to get these projects done, I’m extremeley proud of how they turned out!

The first was a project that came up by chance. I had an large frame lying around that I really like the design of, but couldn’t find a good print to put in it. I’d come across some fun ideas of making a chalk/pin board for the kitchen and thought, why the heck not try it out.

With The Hubs’s help, I bought some plywood, chalkboard paint, magnetic paint and some cork board. 

This project was started back in March or April and then sat unfinished in the garage until a couple of weeks ago. I had already completed most of the chalkboard portion, but needed to figure out the best way to lay out the cork board to fit the space I had.  So one evening while watching some Giants baseball, I got to work!

Here’s the finished product:

LOVE! It’s a great place to plan grocery lists, meals and where we can pin up important things (like a Giants magnetic baseball schedule – the only magnetic place in the kitchen!)

If I were to do it over again, I’d try to sand down the plywood more on the chalkboard section or use a piece of glass instead (Sarah TOLD me to do this, but I didn’t listen.). It isn’t always the easiest to erase because of the texture. I typically use a damp towel to erase since paper towel leaves remnants.  

The other project was a picture hallway project. The inspiration started with this post from Katie over at Bower Power. I had bought one frame AGES ago and it just sat in the spare room. The Hubs kept asking when that project would get completed. Well, on my day off the other day, I got work going through ALL of our wedding pictures to find the best ones. (Definitely made me a bit sentimental!)  Katie modified her prints so they were all sepia, but I love color and the colors of our wedding, so I opted to use a combination of color and sepia (black & white was a bit harsh).

I followed Katie’s method of having a “Groom” frame, “Bride” frame and an “Us” frame.  I used scrap paper to come up with how to lay out the photos in each frame and also how to hang them on the wall.

I think they turned out AWESOME! EXACTLY what I was envisioning! How often does that happen???

Since I was in the hallway anyways, I decided to finally hang our Junior Prom picture as well and came up with a plan to also hang a wedding picture (where we are in a similar pose) next to it.  

I love to look at these pictures and compare them. The Hubs says we look MUCH cooler now! hehe 🙂

I had room for two more frames, so my plan is to put a maternity picture in one and a family picture in the other. We may put a couple of pictures of us with Rusty as a pup and with him as a BIG dog in the interim if I can find some.

Here’s our new hallway in all it’s picture glory! 

I love it! Makes it so much more homey! The Hubs also loves it, as he told me more then once how great the hallway looks with all of the pictures in it. I’m definitely going to be “inviting” people into the hallway so they can check it out!

The results from these projects has given me more confidence in my creative/decorating abilities! (I was also pleasantly surprise with the finishing touches I put on our bedroom! Details to come!)

Hopefully I can apply all this new found inspiration for the nursery and other areas of our home! 🙂

New Grown Up Room!

20 Jan

The Hubs and I have been interested for awhile in getting a new bedroom set for our room. We were using a mish mash of items including my old dresser, two old style desks acting as nightstands and NO headboard. 

I was a bit concerned about getting new stuff because I wasn’t sure how all of the furniture would fit in our room. I didn’t want the room to appear smaller than it already was.

The Hubs, however, who is usually not THAT into buying new things for the house, had seemed pretty anxious about getting a new bedroom set. When we went to Ikea to buy our media stand, we had found a bedroom set that we liked, but I was a bit apprehensive to buy it. It was our first time buying Ikea furniture and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I mean, these pieces are SO cheap, maybe they aren’t any good!

But after a month or so with our new media stand, which we fell in LOVE with, last weekend The Hubs wanted to go back to Ikea and seriously look at the bedroom set again.

So we went and looked and found that we were still drawn to the Hemnes bedroom series in black/brown. We started deciding on the pieces we would like to get (including one item that we wanted to use for the front room). The Hubs was ready to buy, but we hadn’t brought a truck and we hadn’t taken measurements, so being the voice of reason, I said we should wait.

We ended up waiting the one hour it took to drive home, double check measurements and pick up the truck.

We came home $900 poorer, but with a new headboard, an 8 drawer dresser, two nightstands (with drawers), and a nightstand to use in the living room. Not too shabby!

We were both excited about putting everything together, so we started right away upon returning home (and continued until the wee hours of the morning – i.e 1:00 am). We had such an awesome time helping each other assemble everything and see our new “grown-up” room take shape. We were definitely experts at putting together Ikea drawers by the end!

Here are some pictures of us during the building process and the finished products!

Love, love love this little shelf in the top drawer of my nightstand. I LOVE having a nightstand with drawers! Also, isn’t the interior lining so cute! (The Hubs doesn’t like it so much, but I think it is fun!). I think we may get another one of these little nightstands with drawers to put our TV stuff on. The extra drawer space will also be nice!

We bought some drawer organizers for our new dresser (which I didn’t take a picture of), but come in really handy for organizing socks and things. I’m also excited about putting some fun accent decoration pieces on top of the dresser and possibly a mirror.

And the final piece… a new stand for the living room where we can store remotes and such. Our old one was purchased by my grandpa at a garage sale, so it was ready to go. We were able to buy knobs to put on the little drawer that matched our media stand so it looks like it is all from one set, although it isn’t!

So, tell me, do you all love Ikea as much as I do? I’m a total convert! 🙂

Look Ma, No Cords!

29 Nov

So Saturday afternoon, we decided to head over to Target hoping the crazy Black Friday crowds had subsided, so we could get some extra plastic tubs for all of the Fall Holiday Stuff that needed to be put away. Thankfully, we found a parking spot relatively quick and the store wasn’t too packed!

Although our main purpose was for plastic tubs and a couple of fabric bins for organizing a new closet shelf, The Hubs and I decided to all seriously look for a media console table for the TV in our living room. I always sort just look, but never can officially decide on what I want.

Target didn’t seem to have anything that struck a cord with us, so we headed to Walmart (also not too crowded, lucky us!). Again, not much to choose from and the options we did have seemed kinda expensive by Walmart standards.

The Hubs was really into finding something, so he suggested that we try Ikea. Now I’m all for modern decor, but sometimes it can be a too avant-garde for my taste. In any case, we headed down to the Emeryville Ikea (which was a little out of our way) and explored all that Ikea (aka adult Disneyland) had to offer.

At first we noticed that Ikea didn’t seem to have a lot to choose from. The few media centers that were there all looked the same and didn’t really match our tastes. We were looking for something with a few shelves and glass doors that weren’t too modern looking. It took us a few minutes to realize the ingeniousness of Ikea…

Everything we were seeing was MODULAR! You could pick your shelf size, add drawers or doors, glass  solid wood doors, glass doors with a thick or thin border, brown/black wood, light brown wood, or white wood. You also got to pick the type of hardware you wanted for a handle (or not! Your choice!) SOO COOL. The line was called Besta and apparently you can even go online and play with different combinations.

We ended up finding a couple of the example combos we liked, mixed and matched and for just under $200 came up with this!

We absolutely LOVE it! At first, we thought the TV was a little high (we previously had it place on a short table), but now we can’t imagine it ever being any lower! It’s so awesome not seeing all the cords and junk that you could previously seen under that table (I so wish I had taken a before picture!)

Now we have THREE full shelves for storage! I plan on getting some cute fabric baskets to house all of our gaming equipment and DVD’s.

This has been something that was on my goals list for 2011 and I’m glad to have checked it off the list!

Definitely almost completes the living room! Only thing left is to maybe get some more art for the wall!

Heavenly Shower

11 Oct

The Hubs and I have been living with the shower head that originally came with the house. The bathroom had been redone, so we figured it would be fine to use what was there.

It worked fine for awhile, but lately, there was this one rogue shoot of water that always hit in just the wrong spot or would be coming out so hard it would hurt.  I would try to change the setting, but the shower head was SO hard to turn! Not exactly a relaxing shower!

So over the weekend, we headed out to Home Depot and were overwhelmed by the shower head choices. Should we get a whole new set or just a shower head? Should we stick with the color we have (brushed nickel) or pick something else? We were so overwhelmed, we almost didn’t pick one!

But thankfully, The Hubs picked this one up and decided we were going to get it to at least try it out.

Waterpik – PowerSpray + Shower Head – 7 Spray Settings
Ahhhhhh! The shower gods are now raining down on us! This new shower head is heavenly! With seven settings to choose from, there is definitely one to suit your needs or mood. 
The Hubs loves the misty rain one (soft spray), while I like the good ol’ normal spray (full body).  My first time in the shower though, I took advantage of every.single.setting and probably will do the same for the next month! I have a feeling our water bill might be a little higher this month…
Is your shower heavenly?
Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated in any way to give this review, other than the heavenly shower I am provided nightly! 🙂

Drawer and Closet Intervention

10 Oct

After lazing around pretty much all day yesterday and all morning today, I figured it would be a good idea to do something productive this weekend.

So while The Hubs was outside working in the yard, I decided to go through our closets and drawers to see what things we could part with and give away.

Both the bedroom closet, hallway closet and dresser drawers were stuffed to the brim with both my clothes and The Hubs’s clothes. The drawers were also extremely disorganized and made finding anything extremely hard!  Here’s some evidence:

Drawer Disaster! Clothes thrown and stuffed in the drawer.

Closet stuff to the brim with clothes and a mess of hangers

I think the last time I went through my side of the closet was a few months ago and at the time there were some pieces of clothing that I wasn’t ready to part with… But today I held no mercy!  If it hadn’t been worn for months, was slightly faded or if it looked like something a teenager would wear… to the give away/trash pile it went! For The Hubs, I held things up and gave him two seconds to decide whether to keep or give away. I thought it was a fun game, but I think he was having some trouble parting with stuff as well.

In the end, I was left with three bags of clothes…

And clean drawers,

Organized tank top drawer!

And a closet where I can actually move the hangers to look through the closets.

May not look that different, but things are definitely easier to find!

It feels great to have cleaned stuff out. Now I just need to take the clothes bags to a give away drop off or Goodwill or else it will sit in the garage for ages!

Have you gone through your closets and drawers lately?
Do you have trouble giving old clothes away even if you have not worn them in ages?

A Fresh Start to October

1 Oct

Image Source: We Heart It

It’s the first day of October and after a heat wave here in the Bay, it is finally feeling like FALL! It’s the month of pumpkin picking, pumpkin muffins, and Halloween festivities!

Being that it was the start of a new month, The Hubs and I wanted to a fresh and clean start at home.

We’ve had a bit of a flea problem with The Pup. Not only has the Pup been itching like crazy, we’ve gotten our share of flea bites! We gave The Pup a bath and treated him with Advantage to kill whatever vermin were on him. But that wasn’t going to be enough…

The Hubs wanted to deal with the fleas in the house by using one of those flea bombs. I REALLY didn’t want a ton of chemicals around the house, so I was happy to hear he came up with another solution. He ended up buying a flea collar and put it INTO the vacuum bag. He then vacuumed the whole house, including the furniture. We’re hoping that the fleas and their eggs were all vacuumed up and are then killed when they entered the vacuum bag.

While he was doing that, I washed all of the sheets and blankets. We also made an appointment for an exterminator to spray the outside of house. (I wasn’t totally comfortable with this idea either, but in addition to fleas, we’ve had a real spider problem too.  I figured spraying outside was better than spraying inside…)

We hope that all of this effort lead to a bug free October in our house! I’ll let you know how it works!

Have you ever had a flea problem at your house? How did you deal with it?

Alrighty, now that Operation: Flea Control is over (for now), I’m off to get ready for a night out with this guy! Wahoo!!