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Thankful Thursday – FINALLY Finished Gratitude Photo Challenge!

22 Dec

I know this is a bit late in coming, but I really wanted to finish the Gratitude Photo Challenge I started in November. I got a bit sidetracked with all the Weverb11 posts, so this project took a back seat.

But without further ado…

Day 25: Artwork

Saw these at Crate and Barrel and really liked them. I’m not much into abstract art, but I really like these different patterns. Wish they were smaller so I could put them in the bathroom. Guess I could always try to DIY it!

Day 26: Transportation

I had to use The Hubs car for the last two weeks while mine was in the shop. While I was very grateful to have it, I’m happy that today I finally got to pick my car up!

Day 27: Daily Routine

My daily morning routine once consists of catching up on blogs from the day before with a bowl of dry cereal and either tea or coffee. Probably one of my favorite parts of the day.

Days 28 & 29: Nighttime and Light

I combined these two because I really wanted to share a picture of how cute our house looks at night with all of the holiday lights on it! The Hubs did an awesome job of decorating the outside! Love him
Day 30: Self Portrait

I’m cheating here…. This isn’t really self portrait, but it was a spontaenous picture that The Hubs took of me at a friend’s 30th birthday at Campo di Bocce. I was quite surprise with how good it came out and it has some artistic flare! :-)

Thankful Thursday – Photo Challenge Catch Up! :-)

1 Dec

Even more behind in the Gratitude Photo Challenge. I think I may have to finish up next week! 🙂

Day 18: Something New

I know you already saw this in a previous post this week, but I still am in LOVE with it so you get to see it again! I’m thankful that we had the means and willpower to actually bite the bullet and buy it (not to mention the fact that both The Hubs and I agreed on it!)! 🙂

Day 19: Best Friends

I have three best friends who I couldn’t live without. The first two are best friends too, so we’re a best friend trio! I don’t see my bestie Sarah as much as I would like too. She’s the mommy of an almost one year old (my how time flies…) and with another one on the way, she is more than busy! I do get to see my bestie Lisa! She started work at my company in May and it is amazing how much better work is with her here. She’s also expecting so I only have a few more months before I have to suffer through her maternity leave without her at work! I love them both lots!

My sister is also my best friend. Even though she is 8 years younger than me, we’ve gotten a lot closer as we’ve gotten older. It’s amazing how that happens! She’s the nicer of the two of us, but we both have our quirky anxiety ridden issues.

Day 20: Seasonal
The Tree! (fake, but still pretty!)

My new little snow village! The Hubs made “snow” (aka glitter on white paper!)


Again another creation of The Hubs! First time we’ve done this!
I LOVE Christmas and all the decorations that go with it. The Hubs and I got all of our decorations together over the weekend so the Christmas spirit is in full swing (for the most part – see tomorrow’s post for more!). These are a couple of pictures of our fun holiday spread!

Day 21: Where you Sleep

This is a lie of a picture. I made the bed just to snap this shot, but on a regular basis I’m not good about keeping up with it. It was totally one of the things that I was going to try to get better about this year and I did really well for awhile, but then I got lazy… Maybe this will jump start my motivation again!

Day 22:Clothing

My favorite outfit of all time??? Yoga pants and a Cal or Cal Poly shirt (alma mater PRIDE!). In fact, I’m going to take a piece from Michelle’s book at See Michelle Blog and sleep in this tonight as I plan on waking up early and doing my new Yoga for Fertility DVD that I borrowed from a friend.
Day 23: In Your Closet

Well, here’s a picture of my closet. There in the middle are the four sweaters I wear MOST of the time. I’m thankful that I typically don’t have to “dress up” for work much, so it is perfectly acceptable to rotate these sweaters and a couple of pairs of jeans throughout the week. It’s no secret I hate shopping, so I’m also grateful for a small closet that is already full!

Day 24: Gratitude

Alas, I know I’m cheating here, but here are two pictures featuring most of The Hubs and I’s close family and friends at our wedding. HAPPINESS! So grateful for all of them!

I’ll finish up this photo challenge in next week’s Thankful Thursday post! 🙂


Are you participating in the Gratitude Photo Challenge? Are you all caught up??

Thankful Thursday – Gratitude Photo Challenge Edition Part Deux

17 Nov

Still behind in the Gratitude Photo Challenge, and still catching up!

Day 10: Nature

This is the avocado tree The Hubs bought a few months back. He thought it would be a great idea to have avocados at the ready since we go through them so fast. Well apparently, it takes a few months for the tree to mature, so for now, it’s sitting in a pot on our porch. We haven’t killed it yet! So far so good!

Day 11: Something Old

I have two something olds that I’m grateful for since both are sentimental items associated with The Hubs and I’s courtship. On top, is a picture of the ticket stub from our first date (look how cheap! $7)! Kinda crazy, but I found it in a stack of old letters that I had stashed away in a box. Little did I know at the time, that the boy I went on my first real date with would be my husband 11 years later! On the bottom, is a picture of the garter The Hubs got me for Junior Prom. It ended up also being my “Something Old” at our wedding!

Day 12: Hands

This is a picture of my hands (or one hand) that I’m definitely grateful for, but I really wanted to take picture of The Hubs’s hand. This week The Hubs had a Jeremy Affeldt moment (for those of you non-SF Giants fans, you can click the link to find out what he did!). While I was at the gym, he was trying to speed up the thawing of some ground beef by cutting the frozen meat into smaller pieces. In the process, he cut his thumb. Apparently, it was bad enough for him to feel the need to drive himself to the doctor to check it out. It ended up being minor, even though there was a lot of blood. I’m grateful though that all five of his fingers are still in tact and that I wasn’t there when it happened (This girl would have freaked out!).
Day 13: Written Words

I LOVE written lists. I love physically checking each item off the list as I complete them. I don’t get the same satisfaction from checking things off a digital list. Here is my latest list of things I need to remember to do now that the Internet is back on!
Day 14: Movement

I wasn’t really sure how to take a picture of movement, but after a little bit of a downer evening, a nice warm shower was in order. The movement of the warm water from our NEW shower head was so relaxing and actually made me feel a little better.

Day 15: Technology

We’ve been without the internet at work all week and although I have my handy Smartphone, it still isn’t the same as typing out an email on the computer or checking a coworkers schedule. I’ve never been SO HAPPY to see the Google page as when I took this picture!  Being without technology for a week made me appreciate it that much more. I don’t know how people got any work done before the internet!
Day 16: Animals

We’ve only got one and he is very rambunctious! This is a picture of Rusty completing his latest trick – “Bang! Bang!”. It’s the more fun way of teaching him the old play dead trick!
Day 17: Memories

This is the scrapbook I kept of The Hubs and I pre-marriage days. I just looked through it for the first time in awhile and WOW what great memories! I was so good about keeping up with the scrapbook until the wedding, when wedding planning took over. I never really got back into it. I guess you could say this blog is a bit of a digital scrapbook, but it’s not quite the same. Maybe sometimes I’ll start up again. I still have a TON of supplies around!


Are you participating in the Gratitude Photo Challenge? Are you all caught up??

Thankful Thursday – Gratitude Photo Challenge Edition

10 Nov

I’m a bit behind in my Gratitude Photo Challenge, what with Anniversary Week in full swing, so I thought I would take this week’s Thankful Thursday to catch up a bit!

Day 4: Leaves

In California, not all of the trees’ leaves change to pretty fall reds, oranges and yellow, but I set out to find some anyways. Leaves changing color are one of my favorite parts of fall, so I definitely appreciate it when I see them.
Day 5: Morning Sky

Now that the days are lighter earlier, I was able to snap this dawn photo. If this had been last week, I would have been either driving or inside my cubical dungeon and wouldn’t have been able to see this lovely sight. I try to take time to look at the sky every morning now as we’re leaving the house (since I won’t be able to appreciate the light in the evening when I get home!).
Day 6: Books

So I LOVE reading and I LOVE reading on my Kindle, but I also sometimes like to read actual books. I found the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barabara Kingsolver in our work library and read the first few pages while I was waiting for my food to warm. I was instantly drawn in. So starting last night, I’m trying to set aside 15-20 minutes of SSR (sustained silent reading – did anybody else have to do this in elementary school after recess to calm us down?? I LOVED SSR! 🙂 ) every night before bed.
Day 7: Something Funny

I think that The Hubs is pretty funny (most of the time…sometimes he means to be funny and I get annoyed!). I took a couple of these pictures and told him that it was because he was funny. He says he’s not funny and proceeded to give me a few unintentional funny faces!
Day 8: Favorite Color

My favorite color has been and I think will always be purple. My dorm room was covered in it in college. I don’t have it around the house as much anymore (The Hubs wouldn’t appreciate it like I do!), but I do have a few pieces of purple clothing, including this fun scarf that has purple glitter thread running through it!
Day 9: Inspiring Person

This obviously isn’t a photo that I took, but I think that Oprah’s teachings are pretty inspiring. As I’ve said before, I’ve been enjoying her Life Class and think that a lot of what she is teaching based on her own experiences are important lessons to remember. I’m A LOT of episodes behind, but I want to make sure I make time to watch them and fully engage in what I’m watching, so I’ve been putting it off! I need to find some time to catch up on that too!

Anniversary Week & Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 3!!

4 Nov

Since The Hubs and my two year anniversary is on Monday, I thought it might be fun to do a week’s worth (or more!) of posts filling you all in on our courtship and wedding! I know Katie over at Bower Power and Sherry over at Young House Love have both been known to do this in the past, so I thought I’d follow in their footsteps!

Our story is quite fun to tell, as I have alluded to in the About Me section, and since I know I have at least a few of you out there who are lovers of all things weddings, I plan on writing a few wedding recaps (ala Weddingbee!)

I think it will be a fun process, as two years in I’ve sorta forgotten some of the things I loved best about our wedding! It will be nice to take a trip down memory lane with you all!

The fun will start next week! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

And for Day 3 of my Gratitude Photo Challenge…

Day 3: Happiness

A lot have people have been Twittering about how happy they are that the “Red Cups” are back!  The “Red Cups” make me happy because I know that the holidays aren’t far away and that means less time at work and more time spent with family and friends!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to “Fall Back” and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!!

Thankful Thursday & Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 2

3 Nov

This week I’m thankful for,

1.) Being able to spend time with friends, enjoying delicious food and good conversation.

2.) That colder weather is a comin’. (I’m looking forward to sweaters and snuggling.)

3.) Exciting sports events that gets me excited! (Go Cardinals! Both St. Louis and Stanford! Even though Stanford is a mortal enemy, I still like them better than USC!)

4.) For a stable job that I’ve enjoyed more than normal (could be because I have a friend at work now!)

5.) My favorite little one’s smile (even if it is a bit blurry). Can anyone resist it??

Day Two: Smile

Gratitude Photo Challenge!

2 Nov
Image Source: Postively Present

There have been so many photo challenges going around in the blogosphere lately! I’ve been reluctant to commit to one because I wasn’t sure if I could hack it (i.e. actually take a photo everyday worth having others look at…)

But then I came across Postively Present’s 30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude. (If you haven’t ever been over to Dani’s blog, it is so much great information on how she has incorporated positivity into her life!) It’s no secret that being grateful is the start of being more present and happier. I’ve been trying to incorporate this weekly by my “Thankful Thursday” posts. But I thought, what better month than November to really recognize things that I should be grateful for that I don’t even think about!

I haven’t decided whether I’ll post pictures daily or compile them in a few single posts, but you’ll be sure to see most of them all throughout November!

On a side note, I have some other fun posts in the works that I’m sure many of my Weddingbee friends will appreciate! More on that in a couple of days! 😉

But now, on to the challenge!

Day One: Favorite Food

This was a hard one as I have so  many favorite foods. Do I go with a dessert (mint chip ice cream with syrup)? Or my “I must have with every meal.” favorite food, BREAD! ?

Instead, I decided to go with something that I am especially grateful for because apparently if I lived anywhere else other than California, they’d be hard to come by!


Do you plan to participate in any photo challenges this month??