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Due Date and Some News

26 Oct

So here we are…

Finally at my due date with really no signs of labor happening as of yet. I’ve had some Braxton Hicks contractions in the evenings, but there is no way I could time them and I’m not in pain (No Pain = Most likely nothing happening).

Last week, I was NOT ready for the baby to come out, but now I’m SO ready.

The whole family is so ready to meet the little one and shower lots of love over him/her. 

This is especially the case after the sad and terrible event of Sunday afternoon.

That was when The Hubs got the call from his brother that his dad had unexpectedly passed away from what appeared to be a heart attack. It was incredibly shocking, sad and seriously hard to believe. In fact, it still is… It wasn’t supposed to be like this, especially with the baby SO close to arriving…

The Hubs is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  I think for the most part he’s running on the adrenaline of the baby’s impending arrival, as well as SF Giant’s baseball (thankfully we’ve made it to the World Series for a little more fun/distracting baseball watching). 

My MIL also seems to be doing ok too. She’s an incredibly strong lady and attacks every day with whatever needs to be done. 

It is still so hard to believe that this even occurred… 6 days after my MIL’s birthday, 2 days after The Hubs’s birthday, and within the week of his first grandchild’s arrival…

I’m incredibly thankful to my family also, who has really been helpful in coming to my recent doctor’s visits with me since The Hubs has been busy helping his mom out with things.

For now though, I’m trying to focus on talking this baby out of my womb and staying strong both for The Hubs and what I know will be a painful, but incredibly rewarding labor experience.

Hopefully, we’ll have some exciting, happy news to pass along this weekend sometime!

PS – Sorry to any friends we haven’t told about this personally. It has been a bit difficult especially since I’m not sure The Hubs is really ready to talk about it… I think his focus, for now, is all on the baby…


Weekend Festivities and a Non-Update

13 Jun

Wednesday already and no blog posts this week! This is mostly because I was patiently waiting for our doctor’s appointment yesterday to go over the ultrasound results from last week (who would have every thunk that I actually LIKED going to the doctor). However, I got a call around mid-morning saying my appointment had to be rescheduled since their computers were down and the doctor had a patient in labor. I can only hope that I too get that kind of treatment if I go into labor in the middle of the day! We had to end up rescheduling for tomorrow morning, so I should have a full update by weeks end. Overall, we think the ultrasound went fine, but then again those techs aren’t really supposed to tell you anything anyways. Hopefully the little one gets a clean bill of health as far as they can tell tomorrow!

In lieu of an ultrasound update, here are some fun pictures from our weekend in San Luis Obispo for my sister’s graduation!

It started off with some silliness and fake mustaches obtained at a new local flip flop shop (the PERFECT store for SLO!):

The weather the whole weekend was gorgeous, albeit a little windy on graduation day. This ended up being a good thing because it definitely cut into the heat of the morning and afternoon. Those graduation ceremonies can get lengthy!!

The graduation girl and her roommate:

Ceremony (a little blurry, but you get the picture):

During the ceremony, I totally thought I felt the baby move. We were right in front of the speakers which were quite loud, so I thought maybe that had something to do with it. It felt like a weird drumming on the inside (not the bubbles or butterfly wings it has often been described as). In any case, I noted it, but didn’t get too excited about it.  Update: Since then, I have felt it EVEN MORE, so I’M SURE it is the baby. It’s sort of a weird feeling and I swear it is happening all the time (does this baby sleep??).  I guess I’m going to have to get used to it! Definitely makes things more real and starts bringing up the “how I’m going to parent this baby” anxiety!

Here’s a couple pics of The Hubs and I. I borrowed the dress from one of my besties. SO SO NICE to have had friends pregnant just before me so I can borrow their clothes!

We still need to perfect the hands on belly shot! This looks sorta silly!

The weekend was lots of fun, but somewhat bittersweet. We’ve been traveling to SLO regularly for the last 12 years since The Hubs, my sister, and I  have all been going to school there. Now we really have no reason to go back except for leisure. This must have been what my dad experienced back in the day. It took him 20+ years to get back to SLO regularly when we started going to school there  (we’d go every once and awhile as kids to Poly Royal, aka Open House) . Then he was able to see two daughters graduate from his alma mater! Hopefully we can be so lucky!

Maybe this will entice the little one (hopefully a nice auntie will bring it back!):

Workin’ 9 – 5 … NOT!

26 Jan

Make it more like 10am – 9pm.

It has been only two days of “who knows how many” of my new work schedule. Limited equipment during the day has basically forced me to shift my hours in order to get things done. And instead of just leaving instructions for those who work at night, I am required to babysit to make sure things are done right. The experienced people who would not need as much instruction are only available during the day…but again, with no equipment available, I’m stuck!

I’m forced to get as much done as possible in a short period of time causing me to work even longer and subsequently later into the night. It sucks…especially when things on the project I’m working on don’t turn out as planned.

But you know what is hands down the crappiest part?? Not seeing The Hubs.

Yesterday, by the time I got home, The Hubs had already left for a late night job walk (It was for Bart, so 10pm – 4am was the only time no trains were running.) This morning, I woke up and left before he got up. Then this evening, I got home and he was already in bed. 

My dad works swing shift and my mom always complains about it. I would tell her that it can’t be that bad. He’s able to get stuff done in the morning that normally wouldn’t be able to be done at night. I’m eating my words now because it really can be that bad! It is REALLY hard to get anything accomplished before 10am, especially when gym time is in order!

I’m trying to look on the bright side, but it’s difficult.

Do any of you or your spouses have crazy work schedules? How do you deal with it? Can you see any silver lining to this situation?

Career v. Family – How can you have both?

17 Jan
**This was a post I’d written a couple of months ago and I was waiting for a little more readership since I’m really looking for input on how other women deal with these types of questions.  I figured now was as good a time as any to finally hit publish!**
The Hubs and I have started the conversation about when we think we’ll be ready to start a family.  Being that he’s in no rush, but not really opposed to starting whenever, that leaves the ball in my court to decide when to get things rolling.  A BIG DECISION!
Being an engineer, I tend to over analyze anything and everything.  Once my brain starts going on a tangent, there is no stopping it.  To top it off, I’m a huge planner and a bit of a pessimist (My friends may say I’m more than a bit of a pessimist, but we’ll leave that topic alone for now!).  So this decision, which is SOO important, has pretty much consumed me!
I know for sure that I want to have children and I always thought  that I would have my first before I was 30.  Being that I’m 28 now, that date seems to be looming closer than ever.  At the same time, I don’t want to ignore my career potential.  I’ve got an advanced engineering degree and am a good worker who always strives to be successful and better myself whenever the opportunity arises.  When I think about starting a family though I think about all of the obstacles that I face when these potential career opportunities come up and how I will be able to achieve that work/life balance.
** Will the company be upset that I want to take time off to be with my baby?
** Will I be passed up on potential opportunities because of this? 
** How will I schedule these things when I have NO idea how long it will take to even GET pregnant? 
** What will I do with the baby once he/she is here and I have to go back to work? I’m afraid I’m going to miss important milestones in my baby’s life if I’m working all the time!
** How do I decide on daycare and how will we pay for it all??
On the other hand, I don’t want to totally focus on my career and forgo family.  My biological clock is ticking. I know that women are having children later in life, but I also know that fertility declines with age.  I worry that I will be the one that has trouble getting pregnant. I just don’t want to have any regrets!  I want to have my cake and eat it too!
I’m really interested to see how other working mothers and mothers-to-be out there are dealing with this ever present dilemma, so feel free to share this blog post with others who may have some insightful thoughts on this situation.

Deck the Halls!

3 Dec

The Hubs and I had our weekend after Thanksgiving all planned out. We were going to hit up some of the Black Friday sales for Christmas gifts, attend our final Cal Football game against Washington , and then spend Sunday putting up all of our holiday decorations. However, after a busy Thanksgiving Day where we hosted both families at our house, Friday came around and we didn’t feel like doing much of anything. We ended up sitting on our butts, in our pajamas, all day long. It was HEAVENLY. The game on Saturday was in the morning and when we woke up  to dark rain clouds, we just weren’t sure how we felt about venturing out into the cold and rain (Plus, I don’t think we could have dealt with another heartbreak after The Big Game). We pondered for a few hours until it ended up being too late for us to go! (Bad Cal fans! They ended up losing anyways… Guess there’s always next season for a good run at it!).

So what did we do instead you might ask….

We decorated! It was lots of fun! I thought, at first, that we were just going to do the inside decorations, but next thing I know Kris was outside putting up all of the Christmas lights! The house looks super cute and festive, but I told myself I really don’t need any new Xmas decorations considering the size of our house! I LOVE the holiday season! Such a warm and happy time!

The only holiday related issue we are having, is convincing some family members, that we REALLY don’t need any presents this year. I think that gift giving is more for kids then for adults, so I assume have our families save the money for when the time comes when there are little kids in the family. We also have no space for anything else (see note about small house above), so the only things I really want to ask for are gift cards (which to some family members, don’t count as gifts!).

Is everyone out there ready for the holiday season? Have any of you encountered family gift giving issues? How do you deal with them?