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2012 DIY Projects Completed So Far!

3 Jul

I am sooo excited about the DIY projects I’ve just completed!

I’m typically not the best DIYer, but with a little help from The Hubs and the motivation to get these projects done, I’m extremeley proud of how they turned out!

The first was a project that came up by chance. I had an large frame lying around that I really like the design of, but couldn’t find a good print to put in it. I’d come across some fun ideas of making a chalk/pin board for the kitchen and thought, why the heck not try it out.

With The Hubs’s help, I bought some plywood, chalkboard paint, magnetic paint and some cork board. 

This project was started back in March or April and then sat unfinished in the garage until a couple of weeks ago. I had already completed most of the chalkboard portion, but needed to figure out the best way to lay out the cork board to fit the space I had.  So one evening while watching some Giants baseball, I got to work!

Here’s the finished product:

LOVE! It’s a great place to plan grocery lists, meals and where we can pin up important things (like a Giants magnetic baseball schedule – the only magnetic place in the kitchen!)

If I were to do it over again, I’d try to sand down the plywood more on the chalkboard section or use a piece of glass instead (Sarah TOLD me to do this, but I didn’t listen.). It isn’t always the easiest to erase because of the texture. I typically use a damp towel to erase since paper towel leaves remnants.  

The other project was a picture hallway project. The inspiration started with this post from Katie over at Bower Power. I had bought one frame AGES ago and it just sat in the spare room. The Hubs kept asking when that project would get completed. Well, on my day off the other day, I got work going through ALL of our wedding pictures to find the best ones. (Definitely made me a bit sentimental!)  Katie modified her prints so they were all sepia, but I love color and the colors of our wedding, so I opted to use a combination of color and sepia (black & white was a bit harsh).

I followed Katie’s method of having a “Groom” frame, “Bride” frame and an “Us” frame.  I used scrap paper to come up with how to lay out the photos in each frame and also how to hang them on the wall.

I think they turned out AWESOME! EXACTLY what I was envisioning! How often does that happen???

Since I was in the hallway anyways, I decided to finally hang our Junior Prom picture as well and came up with a plan to also hang a wedding picture (where we are in a similar pose) next to it.  

I love to look at these pictures and compare them. The Hubs says we look MUCH cooler now! hehe 🙂

I had room for two more frames, so my plan is to put a maternity picture in one and a family picture in the other. We may put a couple of pictures of us with Rusty as a pup and with him as a BIG dog in the interim if I can find some.

Here’s our new hallway in all it’s picture glory! 

I love it! Makes it so much more homey! The Hubs also loves it, as he told me more then once how great the hallway looks with all of the pictures in it. I’m definitely going to be “inviting” people into the hallway so they can check it out!

The results from these projects has given me more confidence in my creative/decorating abilities! (I was also pleasantly surprise with the finishing touches I put on our bedroom! Details to come!)

Hopefully I can apply all this new found inspiration for the nursery and other areas of our home! 🙂


Holiday Cards – Remembering and Reusing

10 Jan

Sorry, I haven’t written in a few days. Getting back into the swing of things at work and around the house after the holidays has taken its toll on my energy level. I have a lot of fun stuff to share though, including my thoughts on a great meditation class I went to on Saturday!

But for now, I FINALLY was able to get around to finishing a project that I wanted to do with the holiday cards we received.

This Christmas we got quite a few holiday cards from our friends and family. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that we sent out our own holiday cards to most of our wedding invite list. Throughout December, the cards have adorned the entryway to our kitchen.

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations had to get put away (so so sad if you ask me), I wanted to figure out a way to save and/or reuse them.

I decided that I would do one of two things with them…

The personalized photo cards were compiled into a 2010 Holiday Card Scrapbook, with The Hubs and I’s Christmas card at the forefront. I’m hoping that if we continue to receive the same types of photo cards from these families in the future, that we can see how not only our family, but the families of all these other special people in our lives has evolved over time. I’ve also included the cards of special family members including our parents and grandpa.

Here are some pictures of just a few of the pages:

I was really happy with the way it turned out!

For the remainder of the holiday cards, I tore the front part of the card off and plan on using it as a postcard to send holiday cards to either our troops or to the needy during the next holiday season. I’ve seen this reuse idea on the internet in many places (too many even to reference them all). I haven’t written on the cards yet, as I need to do a little more research to determine if there are any postcard size restrictions and if it matters whether the post card is horizontal or vertical, but I figure I have a whole year to figure that out. For now, the postcards are in one of the sleeves of the scrapbook so I don’t lose them!

I’m hoping to keep this tradition alive year after year, so that will have a book of Christmas memories that we can share with our children and grandchildren some day.

What do you do with your holiday cards after the holidays are over?  Was anyone else sad to see the decorations go down, but somewhat happy that the house could somewhat return to order?