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The Randomizer!

19 Dec

It’s no secret I loved Weddingbee when I was planning my wedding and since I wasn’t blogging while I was planning, I thought it would be fun to revisit it and share our special day with my new blog friends on our second anniversary.

Instead, of traditional recap posts, I decided to participate in Weddingbee’s new Photo Randomizer Series. Basically, you pick 10 random numbers and associate them with 10 wedding photos, ones I may never have thought of sharing before. Then share a bit about what’s shown in the photo.

Prior to our wedding, I spent a lot of time scrapbooking “The History of Us”. I was really proud of the results so I wanted to display it at our wedding, so our guests could share in the fun. I also included the first picture of the two of us, back in 1999 and another of us during our engagement shoot in 2009, almost exactly 10 years later!

I can’t even remember when I bought this “Sexy Little Bride” jacket from Victoria Secret. I may have even bought it before I was engaged so my friend Sarah could use it, but all the while secretly wanted to use it whenever it was my turn to get married. It was a fun addition to the day!

This is me putting on my super cute purple shoes that I had to have. My mom really didn’t understand why I wanted to wear colored shoes on my wedding day. She thought traditional champagne colored would have been much more acceptable. She was not in the know of the new trends, which luckily I learned all about from Weddingbee!

Me and my Dad, taken in my parents’ backyard!

Me and My Girls! 🙂

This is one of The Hubs’s mom putting on his boutonniere.

Here’s us during our ceremony. If you look close enough you can see the result of a prank my dear husband’s family played on him. Take a look at his shoes… they have “Send Help” written on them. Apparently, my husband’s father had this happen to him, so it was somewhat of a tradition…. It was the cause of some snickering in the church and I must admit I was a bit annoyed about it, but in the end it became just another fun story to tell!

This is US with my sister, Kristina (Maid of Honor),best friend Sarah (Matron of Honor) and The Hubs’s bro (Best Man).

One of the more interesting poses our photographers put us in…

Us listening to the Best Man’s speech. It was pretty funny. Let’s just say that he said we were meant for each other not because of our history, but because we both are not so good with cars. We both have an extensive history involving car accidents! hehe 🙂

This was such a fun series to participate in! I kinda want to do it again!! Maybe next year! 🙂

I think that you all should participate too. Find all the instructions here. Oh and post a comment if you do participate so that I can see your Wedding Randomized! 🙂


"Anniversary Week" – The Proposal!

14 Nov
**Hopefully most of you figured out that my original feed moved. Google Reader notified me, so I hope it notified you too. I think it has to do with deleting my Feedburner feed to help with the No Reply issue (which it didn’t..lovely.)**

After four years of dating, I was obviously getting a bit antsy to take our relationship to the next level…

February 13, 2009 started out like any other day, but ended more incredibly than I could have imagined.
I was having a busy day at work and was so glad that it was Friday! I was excited for the weekend because Kris, my sister, and I planned to head to Tahoe the next morning to go snowboarding and take advantage of the fresh powder.

That afternoon, before I left work and headed home, I called Kris to see if he wanted to go with my family to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Since my sister, Kristina, was coming home from Cal Poly it would have been a family affair. Kris really didn’t seem into the idea so typical me got a little annoyed and told him he could decide what we were doing for dinner instead. He said for me to just come home first and we’d figure it out then. On my way home, I called my best friend Sarah to tell her about the incident and also how I was sure nothing special was going to happen for Valentine’s Day weekend since we had planned our snow trip.

I was chatting on the phone all the way to Kris’s apartment door. Normally, I would knock once and then use my key to get in. This particular afternoon I was a little more stubborn. When I got off the phone I knocked a few times expecting Kris to come and open the door. He didn’t come, so I persisted to knock again and again. Finally, the door opened quickly a crack and he ran back into the apartment.

At that moment, I pushed the door open and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was over a hundred tea lights in various glasses lit all around the living room. There was a red table cloth, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and even more tea lights on the kitchen table. A bottle of champagne was on ice behind it. And standing there in front all decked out, on a white sheet, with scattered rose petals around him (Bachelor style…for all of you who love that show as much as I do 🙂 ), was my handsome boyfriend.

I walked toward him and all I could say was “Oh my God! Oh my God Oh my God! Is this really happening???”. Kris got down on one knee and told me that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he pulled out a black box, opened it, and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I instantly said yes! The ring was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t stop staring at it and smiling!

That was when the phone calls began, telling our family and friends the exciting news! I also continued saying “Oh my God!” a hundred more times that night and not a single thing could wipe the smile off my face all weekend!

 February 13 was one of the happiest days of my life, but I look forward to many more “happiest days of our lives” to come!

So that’s the story of our courtship. Stayed tuned for Wedding Fun in the week or whenever I get around to writing them! 🙂

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"Anniversary Week" – Seven Years Later the Story Continues!

11 Nov

One weekend in October 2005, Jen decided to take a trip to Cal Poly to visit her best friend Sarah. She had been out of a relationship for about a year and was ready to “hit the scene” again. When she got to San Luis, Sarah and Jen decided to go out with Jen’s fellow Materials Engineers (MatEs) Amanda and Rodger. They first went to happy hour at the Cliffs in Pismo and then decided to go out to the Mission (Mission Grill..not the actual Mission) for drinks and dancing. While they were there, Amanda and Rodger suggested calling Kris to hang out since he was also still in SLO going to school. They sort of slyly were trying to hook Jen and Kris up cause they thought they would be good for each other..considering their history. They called him, he showed up, and after a few drinks, Jen and Kris started dancing and having a great time! It felt so right for both of them. By the end of the night, Jen had her second first kiss with Kris and it was SOOOOO much better than the first one! 🙂 The picture below was from that exact night! Kris said he would call her the next day to hang out a little more and so they did.

Seven years later the story continues...

The next weekend, he came home from school and they went on their second official first date…to the movies. This time Kris made sure Jen KNEW it was a date! They made their relationship official shortly after that and the rest is history!

And based on their history, Jen and Kris are definitely MEANT TO BE!!!

Catching up??

“Anniversary Week” – Where it all began…
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"Anniversary Week" – The Re-introduction

9 Nov
The Re-introduction

Senior Year, Jen and Kris had another math class together and although they talked and Kris still teased Jen, they didn’t hang out outside of school at all. They hung out a bit at our Senior Grad Night and have the picture above to prove it! After graduation, both went their separate ways…Jen to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Kris to the local JC. They lost touch for the next few years and other than one brief encounter at the JC when Jen was picking up her brother, they never saw each other.

That was until the spring of 2003, when Jen was working at the Materials Engineering Open House, showing the prospective students around. As she was giving the tour, she thought she noticed someone she recognized. Low and behold, there was Kris with his mom checking out HER department at Cal Poly. Now Materials Engineering is a small major so this was quite a shock. She quickly told all her friends that the guy who she had her first kiss with EVER was here! Soon enough, Kris earned the nickname, JFK, Jen’s First Kiss! EVERYONE including the teachers knew Jen and Kris’s history (it was a VERY small major!)

The next year, Kris started school, and although they were in the same major, Jen and Kris had all different classes. Jen was dating someone else at the time and didn’t think much of Kris being around. Kris, however, being a social and fun loving type of guy, resumed his old ways of teasing Jen whenever he could. One time in particular, Jen was moving out of her Mustang Village apartment and was stressing out over the whole ordeal. Kris lived nearby, happened to drive by, saw a stressed out Jen and her mom standing outside and yelled, “Don’t stress! It’ll all work out!”

Jen graduated in 2004 and since she still had friends in the major they would periodically update her on the happenings in the department and often Kris was mentioned. However, she really didn’t keep in touch with him personally.

How did Jen & Kris finally reconnect?? Stay tuned!!

Catching up??

Anniversary Week – Where It All Began…

"Anniversary Week" – Where it all began…

8 Nov

Junior year at Foothill High School started off like any other year. Jen was anxious to start school and get going on what some say is the hardest and most important year of high school. She had scheduled herself with some very difficult classes including Honors English, AP US History, and Algebra 2. Algebra 2 ended up being one of her most interesting classes…and it wasn’t just because math was one of her favorite subjects.

As Jen entered Mr. Sullivan’s Algebra 2 class, she realized that he was assigning alphabetical order seating. She wandered to the left side of the classroom and ended up sitting right behind a boy named Kristopher D. Kris was a cute guy and was always ready to provide a good laugh. As he got to know Jen better, he would tease her endlessly about stressing out all the time over homework, tests, and school in general (…some things never change!).

Early in the month of December 1998, Jen was getting ready to leave with her family to go take pictures with her younger brother and sister. As they were about to leave, the phone rang. It was Kris! Jen was very surprised, but talked to him for a little while. He asked if she would like to go to the movies and thinking that she was just going out with a guy FRIEND, she said Yes. One night in mid-Dec, Jen’s mom drove her to the Galaxy 8 theater to meet Kris. (She didn’t exactly trust “some random guy” to drive her daughter all the way from CV  to P-town at night!) Kris picked Elizabeth as the movie they were going to see. He thought it would be perfect! Jen, on the other hand, was somewhat shocked when the opening scene of the movie showed people being burned at the stake! Kris tried to hold Jen’s hand a couple of times, but Jen just kept her hands on her lap not really thinking much of it. She wasn’t much experienced in the boy department! All in all though, both Jen and Kris had a great time and they planned to hang out again.

For the next 6 months, they continued to “hang out as friends” according to Jen and “date” according to Kris. They went to the movies, went bowling, and hung out at Jen’s house. Kris would even help Jen’s younger siblings make lanyards! They would hug on occasion, but Jen wasn’t really comfortable with the touchy feely stuff. Often times, Kris and Jen would be sitting on the couch and Kris would scoot a little closer to her and Jen would move a little further away. This would continue until she was out of room on the couch to move! Regardless, Kris and Jen still had fun together!

In April of 1999, Jen came home to find a big container of M&Ms sitting on her porch. She opened the container and found a little note that said “Will you go to Junior Prom with me? Page me YES or NO.” She recognized the pager number as Kris’s. She was excited to be asked to go, so she paged him back YES.

To make a long story short, they went to Junior Prom together and danced the night away. At the end of the night, they climbed into Kris’s Blazer and started the long drive home from the dance. Kris and Jen didn’t talk much in the car, but Jen noticed Kris popping Altoids the whole way home. At this point she had finally figured out that Kris really liked her and that he wanted to try to kiss her by night’s end. Since she had never kissed anybody before, she was quite nervous. As they pulled into her driveway, Kris didn’t waste any time planting a wet one on her…LITERALLY! Once it was over, Jen said thank you and goodbye, entered her house and proclaimed to her mom “He slobbered all over me!!!”

Where it all began...
Jen & Kris at Junior Prom. Sorry for the blurriness. This was before digital photos!!

About a week later, Kris showed up at Jen’s door with a single red rose and asked her to be his girlfriend. Jen had never had a boyfriend before and wasn’t sure she was ready for that, with the stress of school and everything. So she tried to gently let him down. It was a REALLY hard and horrible thing to do, but it seemed like the right thing for her at the time. Kris was upset, but bounced backed fast and everyone moved on…

To be continued… 🙂

Happy Anniversary To US!

7 Nov

I can’t believe it has been two years since our wedding! Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Thank you to The Hubs for always making me smile and keeping me grounded when I get kinda crazy (which is quite often!). I don’t know what I’d do without him!

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us, but wherever we go and whatever we do, I want to do it TOGETHER! Love you!

All photos courtesy of Peters Photography & Video

Tomorrow, I’ll start telling the “Story of Us”. It’s fun!! So stayed tuned! 🙂

Anniversary Week & Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 3!!

4 Nov

Since The Hubs and my two year anniversary is on Monday, I thought it might be fun to do a week’s worth (or more!) of posts filling you all in on our courtship and wedding! I know Katie over at Bower Power and Sherry over at Young House Love have both been known to do this in the past, so I thought I’d follow in their footsteps!

Our story is quite fun to tell, as I have alluded to in the About Me section, and since I know I have at least a few of you out there who are lovers of all things weddings, I plan on writing a few wedding recaps (ala Weddingbee!)

I think it will be a fun process, as two years in I’ve sorta forgotten some of the things I loved best about our wedding! It will be nice to take a trip down memory lane with you all!

The fun will start next week! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

And for Day 3 of my Gratitude Photo Challenge…

Day 3: Happiness

A lot have people have been Twittering about how happy they are that the “Red Cups” are back!  The “Red Cups” make me happy because I know that the holidays aren’t far away and that means less time at work and more time spent with family and friends!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to “Fall Back” and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!!