#WEverb12 – Compose, Watch, Stay

3 Dec

1. compose [CREATE]: Write a haiku fo 2012 (bonus: write one for 2013)


An exciting year

Welcoming a little one

An amazing love!



Try to stay present

Watching Hailey learn and grow

Going to be fun!

2. watch [LIVE]: What movie did you see this year that you would recommend to a friend?

We saw lots of movies this year. A few in theaters (should have done more of that before Hailey arrived…), but we watched more using the Red Box and Netflix. Unfortunately, none struck me such that I can pick a favorite off the top of my head.

So instead, I’ll pick a TV show that I started watching on Netflix during my pre-baby maternity leave and I  watched EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE in a few days time. Getting into a new TV series has been difficult as of late, especially since this year we cut the cable cord and don’t have a DVR. The show that I have already recommended to my mom and will recommend to any friends who aren’t already watching it (since I was a bit late to join the show’s following) is Parenthood.


Image Source: NBC

It is the perfect mix of drama and comedy. The Braverman Family is so easy to like and I love how they always stick together as a family no matter what happens. Makes me look forward to the day when my brother and sister start their own families and we all can have big get togethers like the Braverman’s. We didn’t have much of that when we were kids since we had no aunts/uncles/cousins.

I’ve already caught up with the episodes from the current season and now look forward to every Tuesday night for a new episode! I haven’t been this excited about a show since…I don’t know when!

If you aren’t already watching Parenthood, I suggest you start ASAP! 🙂

3. stay [LISTEN]: How did you stay in the moment this year?


I am not very good at staying present. I’m always worried about what will happen in the future or what I could have done differently in the past.  However, there was one span of time where I felt present (for the most part). It was during the labor and delivery of Hailey.  I remember most all of the details of the two day experience. I was able to focus and breathe during contractions at the beginning and then make the decision to have an epidural when I felt I needed the rest. When it was time to push, I was focused on making sure I recognized each contraction and then worked with my doctor and nurse to figure out the  most effective pushing methods. If they wanted me to do three pushes per contraction, I worked hard to do four pushes. I was SO focused and strong – more than I ever thought I would be! And then, the moment I felt the little one come out, heard her cry and saw The Hubs’s reaction as he told me “‘It’s a girl!”, was the most amazing and unforgettable moment.

I want to have more of those moments!

I know I say it every year, but in 2013 I REALLY want to work on staying present if not for my own sake, for my daughter’s sake. I’ve found that already in the first month of her life, I’ve been so worried about various things or I’ve tried so hard to make sure I incorporate everything I learn about parenting into our to lives that I make myself so emotional and exhausted that I feel like I’m missing moments of her as a newborn that I can’t get back. She’s growing so fast, that I NEED to force myself to stay present so I don’t miss a thing!


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