Thankful Thursday

11 Oct

I’m thankful…

1.)  I was able to work from home 3 days this week, with only 1 day left of actually going into the office before the baby comes! Can’t believe it!

2.) The little one has been crazy active allowing me to not worry so much about him/her.

3.) I was able to already to check one thing off my pre-baby maternity leave list and prepare one meal to freeze – yummy Paleo Pumpkin Chili. I was this close to eating it for dinner, but thought better of it. It will definitely be a treat dinner for after baby!

4.) For the Hubs and all the extra stuff he has been doing to help out, including going out and buying a new exercise/birthing ball after The Pups popped the one I was borrowing from my mom.

5.) The Giants held it together and came back to tie up the series at two! I’m also lucky in that I work from home tomorrow so I can watch the game again! Wahoo!


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