Thankful Thursday

27 Sep

I’m thankful…

1.) That even though there was an initial scare that perhaps the baby wasn’t growing as much as it should based on my belly measurement, that a formal ultrasound showed it was only 1.5 weeks behind in growth (and we don’t really worry till it is 3 weeks behind). More about this later in my 35  week update post.

2.) For the cute u/s pics we got of the little one’s face. They are the best we’ve gotten and even look 3D like! I even got some frames to hang a couple of them up. We think the little one has my frown & nose, while he/she has The Hubs’s cheeks. Guess we will see in a few weeks!

3.) That the Giants clinched the National League West! I’m looking for a 2010 repeat!

4.) That pumpkins have finally shown up at the grocery store! Carving pumpkins is usually a big hassle, but the new rage of drilling pumpkins with designs looks so cool and easy. We also bought various LED lights that flicker like candles or act like a strobe light to fill the pumpkins with. Maybe we’ll have some time this weekend to work on this project.

Image Source: Crafty Nest

5.) That the new fall TV season starts this week! Even though we don’t have cable, we still have a few shows that we are really looking forward to seeing return, including Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy!



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