Happy Autumnal Equinox!

22 Sep

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Last year I wrote about how much I love fall! 

This year, I am even more excited for fall since we’ll be having a fall baby and I get to spend a portion of fall and pretty much all of winter spending lots of time in comfy clothes AT HOME taking care of the little one. It is going to make the holidays so much more special! I also normally hate that the days start getting shorter, but for some reason it doesn’t seem so bad when you don’t have to go and come home from work when it is still dark out!

In preparation for being either very pregnant or in impending labor for most of this fall, I got an early start on all of my fall decorating! The minute the calendar turned over to September 1st, I made The Hubs take down all of my fall decorations. Lucky for me, The Hubs loves fall as much as I do so it didn’t take much hand twisting for him to help a pregnant wife out!

I ended up getting a few more decorations for this fall since these decorations (at least most of them) get to stay up September through November.  I also bought myself a new Pumpkin scented candle that will last me all season. I do need to go get myself some Cinnamon scented tea lights to replenish my supply, as I’ve been lighting candles pretty much every night recently!  

I’m all ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in between!

Our fall mantle! 

New Fall Wreath and Fall Colored Flowers

Fall Table

The Hubs’s FAVORITE decoration that follows us from room to room!

Happy Halloween in the Powder Room (I also have Thanksgiving towels to switch out when the time comes!)


Are you ready for fall???


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