Thankful Thursday

20 Sep

Since I’m on a blogging roll and I have plenty to be thankful for, here’s the reinstatement of Thankful Thursday:

I’m thankful for…

1.) A healthy pregnancy – as evidence by all the doctor’s appointments, non-stress tests, ultrasounds and extra care I’ve been taking with my diet to keep my Gestational Diabetes under control.

2.) Gestational Diabetes (never thought I would ever see the day were I would actually be THANKFUL for this!) – Having this condition has helped both The Hubs and I completely makeover how we look at food and the types of foods we eat. We (well mostly The Hubs) take more time to plan and cook meals (even if it is tacos for days on end), but we now always make sure to fill our plates with protein and veggies first with a small side of  a complex carbohydrate. We don’t snack on crap anymore. Hopefully, we can carry this diet into our post-pregnancy lives, with the only the occasional indulgence. This new diet has benefited all. My weight gain has been a little lower than the doctor would like, but I just KNOW I would have blown up like a balloon had I been able to eat wahtever I wanted. And The Hubs, well, he’s had to create a few more belt holes in his pants to accommodate his slimming waist line! 

3.) Supportive family and friends who have been there and put up with my crazy emotional mood swings and constant complaining. The Hubs has been especially helpful and thoughtful. If how he has taken care of me during this pregnancy (and all the practice he has caring for animals his whole life) is any indication of what kind of dad he’s going to be, we have one lucky baby on our hands! 🙂

4.) Super nice labor and delivery nurses at my local hospital who make the bi-weekly non-stress tests more bearable and not too stressful. I was concerned that with all this testing, it would just cause me more worry, but these ladies are so calm, cool and collected, it’s easier to stay calm around them. I can only hope to find the same type of nurses at the hospital I’m delivering at.

5.) Only 3.5 more weeks of work before 5 months off!


One Response to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. dosomethingamzing September 21, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    I’m so proud of you for embracing this challenge/bump in the road! The end result will be all worth it! And way-to-go Kris! He’s really stepped up and has been super supportive!! Good hubby you have!

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