Week 30

18 Sep

Week 30 was a mostly fun week!

I had another uneventful doctor’s appointment (which I should have definitely appreciated more at the time), met with a 2nd pediatrician, worked on the nursery a bit more (pics to come once it’s completed!) and started thinking seriously about maternity leave.

The pediatrician meeting went well and was someone who came highly recommended by both my OB and my mom’s doctor. The Hubs and I think that we are going to go with him (as the other dr was a bit older and appeared to be close to retirement – which could be a good and bad thing…), but I’m still a little worried about the decision. My biggest concern is not picking a doctor who is able to pacify my anxiety when our baby is sick or someone who wants to run a bunch of tests and jump to worst case conclusions. Unfortunately, I think the only way to really figure this out is to just try him out and see how the chemistry is once the baby is here. I know it is perfectly acceptable to change doctors, but it seems difficult being the people pleaser that I am. On the fun fact side, the doctor’s son is a pitcher for the Oakland A’s and a Cal grad! Good thing I’m not one of those crazies who just because I like the Giants means I have to hate the A’s or else that would have been a definite deal breaker!

On the maternity leave front, I finally decided that taking 2 weeks of disability before my due date was actually the right thing to do, instead of working up until the very end. It will “hopefully” allow me to finish things up around the house sans baby and do a few things just for me before our lives completely change. I have a whole post planned on ALL the things I want to do during that time (so baby better stay in till its due date!!)

But the big highlight of the week was MY BABY SHOWER!

My besties did an awesome job at planning a fun afternoon with lots of food, fun and good company! I was especially excited because all of my doctors allowed me a cheat day to eat WHATEVER I wanted and not do a single blood test! Music to my ears!

Since we are decorating the nursery with a “school room/ABC” theme, the girls decided to use that as a theme for the shower. It was just perfect!

Yum! Look at all that yummy food, including EGG ROLLS, which have been a traditional shower food for all of our wedding and baby showers. Those things are delicious and I was SO thankful I could eat one…or two!

It was so great to hang out with family and friends all at one time. It’s a pity that we only do it at special occasions!

Everyone was so generous! This baby is going to be set with all the loot it picked up!

We played games, including the belly measurement game! Good thing no actual numbers were involved, since at the point of writing this (at 35 weeks) I’ve become a bit obsessed with belly measurements and all my doctor’s opinions about it!

Yay for yummy desserts! I was sure to indulge in a little bit of each dessert that was provided…maybe even a little extra!

My mother-in-law made these adorable favors! I totally didn’t want to take them apart to eat them, but these sugar cookies were SO good that I couldn’t resist (another diabetes fail on my part!).

One thing I was a bit upset about, is that we didn’t take more pictures of me and my girlfriends together. I didn’t think about it at the time and they were so busy keeping things moving, that the day passed without many pictures taken. Oh well I guess. We were busy living instead of worrying about picture taking!

I’m such a lucky girl to have so many people who care enough to throw such an awesome party for me. Don’t know what I would do without them!


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