Week 29

18 Sep

Week 29  was still quite emotional. I felt like I had so many things on my mind that I couldn’t keep straight between everything at home, work and with the gestational diabetes. I would find that the littlest thing would set me on a fit of tears and there was more than one time I would find myself crying my whole commute to or from work. It was very reminiscent of the emotional breakdown I had earlier in the pregnancy…

Work was extremely stressful as things were coming to heads on a major project I was working on. I was up and at work by 6am and often working till 6pm. EXHAUSTING! Lucky for me, The Hubs was super helpful through this especially rough patch, making sure that he took the time to go to the grocery store for healthy food that I could eat, come home and prepare dinner. I would then take the leftovers and pack them into a nice lunch for the next day and repeat.

Here’s a couple images of the meals he prepared. Don’t they look delish! Best part…most of the time they resulted in perfectly low sugar numbers!

I had my first doctor’s appointment since the diagnosis this week. Unfortunately, The Hubs couldn’t make it, so I went at it alone, armed with all of my questions and emotions. When I arrived, I followed my normal procedure of getting my blood pressure and weight taken. Typically, I was always worried about excessive weight gain… Well that was not the case this time… In the span of 4 weeks, instead of gaining 4 lbs like I should have, I had lost 5 lbs, courtesy of my new diet. When I finally got in to see the doctor, she expressed a little concern about this and said that I really needed to eat more to maintain my weight gain. Couldn’t she see from the detailed food journal that I was eating A LOT everyday?! It isn’t my fault that now I’m eating veggies and protein to keep my sugars in check instead of Chex Mix, tortilla chips and slow churned ice cream with chocolate sauce. I then proceeded to have a complete melt down right there in the doctor’s office. I tried to explain how I was feeling through blubbering tears. It seemed she understood and her first mandate was to STOP working so many hours and to only work 8 hour days. She said she would write me a note if need be, but since I was just about to go out on vacation, I told her I would talk to my boss when I got back and try to make it work on my own first. She also wanted me to make sure to set aside some time for “me” everyday, be it doing yoga or just meditating in bed or on a walk. The stress of the gestational diabetes diagnosis was proving to be worse for me than the diabetes itself!  A few other things that we discussed was the fact that I would have to see a perinatologist and dietitian every few weeks so they could monitor what I was eating and my sugars. Then starting at 32 weeks, I would need to come in to the office (or a nearby hospital) and have a non-stress test performed twice a week. Overkill it seemed to me, especially since I was seeming to be able to keep all of my sugars in check, but I guess better safe than sorry. I left the office feeling a little better than I went in, which is really saying something. Having a supportive doctor makes a world of difference.

The next day was my birthday and the day The Hubs and I were leaving on vacation! After much consideration, I ended up deciding to just go with a trip to Tahoe since it wasn’t too far and would be relatively easy to plan. Lucky for me, after the stress of the last couple of weeks, I didn’t have to do any other planning for this trip than to book the hotel. The Hubs did everything else! He went to the grocery store and put together an ice chest FULL of food and snacks that I would be able to eat. He researched restaurants that we could go to that would be diabetes friendly. He planned a special day of relaxation. He got tickets for evening activities. It was AWESOME! What a lucky gal I am!  🙂

After a relatively uneventful, 3.5 hour drive, we drove by our hotel to check it out. Since it wasn’t ready, we ate a quick lunch from the staples we packed and then headed to our first excursion. MINI GOLFING! I hadn’t been mini golfing in forever. Lots of fun!

I even got a hole in one!!

Later that night we went out to dinner at a restaurant called Cafe Fiore. We were able to get a last minute reservation, which worked out great since it was my birthday! It was DELICIOUS and such a wonderful atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back and eat bread with olive oil and vinegar, a pasta dish, and a glass of red wine. 

Afterward we went for a walk by the water in order to burn off any carbs I may have consumed during my meal. It was a really nice night!

Friday brought a day of pampering! The Hubs had scheduled us for a couples massage with a foot massage add on for him and a body scrub add on for me. It was SOOO relaxing! Made me forget about all of my problems for a little while and just escape! I hadn’t had a massage in over 5 years and this was The Hubs’s first massage ever. It was definitely worth the money and something we need to make a point of doing more often.

After the massage we headed to Sprouts, a very popular restaurant that’s got lots of natural, whole foods to choose from. It was also a delicious choice and was great for my numbers! Another WIN for The Hubs! We did some walking around by the lake and down by the shops, then headed back to the room where we relaxed for a little while before heading to The Improv to see some comedy.

Saturday, we had a 3 hour cruise of the lake planned on the Safari Rose. It was absolutely beautiful. We were also treated to a delicious lunch that was totally diabetic friendly (and I even snuck a tiny bite of brownie!). We had a wonderful time and took some amazing pictures.

Saturday evening we went to a magic show at Horizon.  At first I was a bit skeptical… I mean, aren’t we a little old for a magic show???  But Illusion Fusion was so entertaining!! It was one of our favorite parts of the whole trip and was actually a last minute add on to our itinerary! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Tahoe.

Sunday we had to head back to reality, but before we did, The Hubs had planned a lunch for us to BBQ right on the water. We had an appetizer of veggies with hummus, followed by a main course of buffalo burgers. It was a yummy meal with a great view!

Our vacation/babymoon was awesome! I am so glad that we actually made the effort to go. It was just what we both needed at the perfect time! Week 29 ended MUCH better than it started! 🙂


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  1. dosomethingamzing September 21, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    Love the pictures! Looks like y’all had a nice time and enjoyed each other=)

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