Week 27

15 Sep

These updated posts would definitely be more emotionally charged had I written them when they actually happened and not over a month later!

Let’s just say that Weeks 27 (and Week 28) weren’t the best weeks of this pregnancy. In fact, they were probably the WORST so far. It’s highly unlucky that it just so happened to fall right before my birthday and vacation (or you can say it was highly lucky since I had those things to take my mind off of all the crap that happened!).

In any case, Week 27 started off a fairly good. The Hubs and I had planned to spend the weekend in Capitola with my parents and some family friends since it was the 40th Annual Wharf to Wharf where thousands of people run/walk the 6 miles from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to Capitola Beach. We’ve done it for years, so being 27 weeks pregnant wasn’t going to stop me this year (although no running was attempted!)

Normally we just go for the Sunday of the race, but this time we decided to make a weekend of it. We drove down in HORRENDOUS traffic after work on Friday and met my parents for dinner at this small, but popular Mexican restaurant in Aptos called Manual’s. They have this special fish dish that you have to pre-order that is delicious. I didn’t have it since I wasn’t sure if snapper was “pregnancy allowed”, but I did have a bite of The Hubs’s and it was delicious. To work off all the yummy food we ate, we decided to walk a little ways to the beach where we were greeted with the tale end of the sunset.

On Saturday, we woke up early and made the spontaneous decision to just start driving down Highway 1. We got an early start, so we ended up driving 2 hours down the coast to Big Sur. At first we thought it might have been a waste of a drive since it was REALLY foggy and we couldn’t see any of the spectacular views that people raved about. But then we turned a corner and saw this…

So beautiful!

On the way back up the coast to Capitola, we took a detour to Monterey where we ate at Bubba Gumps! YUM! We hadn’t been there since our 1 year dating anniversary in 2006. I’m so glad we stopped because little did I know it would be the last time in awhile that I would be eating fried shrimp and french fries! Once back in Capitola, I lazed around reading Fifty Shades of Grey and both of us watched the Giants/Phillies game. We did decide to have frozen yogurt for dinner (another decision I am highly thankful)!

On Sunday, before the race, we stopped at Starbucks for a pre-race pick me up. I decided against getting a coffee because I knew I had my 2-hour glucose screening test the next morning and wanted to be super healthful at least the day before the test. I was starving though, so I settled on a whole wheat bagel instead of my typical Reduced Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake. The actual walk was lots of fun, but way more tiring when you are carrying “a few” extra pounds! I’m normally a fast walker, but this time I felt like I was walking REALLY slow. Much of our family left us in the dust! I’m happy to report that I did finish the full 6 miles though, but was completely exhausted afterwards! We drove home Sunday night where I stopped eating around 7pm to make sure I got a really good fast in before my test in the morning. (I would later learn that made not a bit of difference!) The one mistake I did make was not drinking enough water during this time period…

Monday morning I woke up bright and early and was the 2nd person in line at the LabCorp testing center. I was called to have my first blood drawn and was subsequently poked in both arms 3 times in order to find a vein that would produce blood that would flow readily. Whatever the tech tried to make the blood flow just wouldn’t work (apparently because the lack of water I had drank the night before). I should have taken this as the first bad sign, but I just grinned and bared it. They gave me the nice orange 75 grams of glucose in drink form and I downed it like a champ in under 5 minutes flat! I didn’t feel sick at all! The baby did start moving around like crazy though! The most I had ever felt it move! I had my blood drawn at 1 hour and at 2 hours and was then sent on my merry way.

Looking back, the next few days were blissful!! I had two pulled pork sandwiches on white bread filled with BBQ sauce, lemonade, Chex Mix, a Starbucks mocha, my favorite Starbucks coffee cake (see above)…

Then Thursday of that week arrived…

I was just getting in the car at 6am to get an early start at work when my phone alerted me to a new email. I figured I would check it before I got on the road. The email was an automated message from my doctor’s office saying my lab results had been posted. My heart beating (but still fairly confident that everything would be fine), I logged in and opened the results. Much to my chagrin and surprise, the 2 hour glucose test results stated “Positive – Consistent with Gestational Diabetes”. There weren’t even any numbers that I could look at to see how badly I failed. I was distraught. I couldn’t stop crying. How could this happen?? My blood work had always been find before! I called my family and basically cried to them for over 45 minutes on the phone. The Hubs eventually came out and I cried to him as well. This was something I REALLY didn’t need considering my high anxiety.

I cried the whole way to work, the whole day at work and all of the next three days. I called my doctor who apologized for not calling me sooner before seeing the results online. She told me a little bit about the diagnosis (which at that point I knew all about since Dr. Google helped me out), the risks to both me and the baby (large birth weight, more chances for both of us to get diabetes in the future), some guidelines about how to eat (so complicated), and how I would be going to a special program called Sweet Success at a perinatologist’s office to learn more. She told me that my fasting number was fine, but that my 1 hour number was 7 over the max and my 2 hour number was 20 over the max. Not a terrible fail, but a fail non the less. She said that seeing that my fasting number was ok, that this was most definitely a condition caused by pregnancy and that things would go back to normal once I delivered the baby.

Needless to say, I don’t have a Week 27 picture to share with you all because I was likely crying hysterically in bed, Googling scary things on the internet or at the library finding books to read about diabetic diets, which I was trying to strictly follow even before all the recording and testing I would soon be doing!

Week 27 was sure a whirlwind of a week and Week 28 wasn’t looking to be much better.


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