Weeks 24 to 26

6 Aug

Ahhhh! I’ve been away for a whole month and still have updates to catch up on!

Things have been crazy over here, which is why the long absence… Long hours at work, unexpected news, lots of stuff to get done around the house – it all doesn’t leave that much room for blogging.

This update will be quick since lucky for me Weeks 24 to 26 were relatively uneventful. I guess you could say it was the lull before the storm that was Week 27 which I need to do an entire post on.

The highlights of Weeks 24 through 26:

  • A few much needed days off during the 4th of July holiday.
  • A successful garage sale where we got rid of LOTS of stuff from the garage. Garage sales are a lot of work! I took a lot of time to make sure that our stuff was organized and mostly priced before we got started to make the day of set up easier. I think it paid off in the end.

  • We had some trees cut in our backyard after a tree branch unexpectedly fell. I loved the woodsy feel of all the tress, but having it this way is safer (and will help our plants grow with the extra sunlight.)

  • The Hubs cleaned out the nursery of the extra stuff that was still in there.
  • The arrival of our nursery furniture (minus a few hiccups of getting TWO, count them TWO Munire dressers that had drawers broken in them. Awaiting our third dresser this week!)


  • A great doctor’s appointment were everything was still status quo in the baby department. Weight gain good, heartbeat sounded great, urine sample perfect – everything right on track…for now…

Here are the belly shots form Weeks 24 and 26. I missed week 25, but I don’t think you all missed much in the growth department! hehe 🙂

Hopefully I can write more soon and articulate the crappiness that was Week 27 without sound selfish and petty. I also never finished a post on the finishing touches I put on our bedroom, as well as the fun stuff I purchased for the nursery.


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