Weeks 22 and 23

2 Jul

This post comes a few days late, but that’s mostly because the last couple of weeks were pretty uneventful on the pregnancy front.

We had one fun outing where we went wine tasting for our friend Bret’s 30th birthday. Luckily, The Hubs was nice and let me have a tiny sip from each of the wines, just so I felt like I was involved! hehe ūüôā We also got to hang out again with little Rowan who is getting so big! He sure does love food,¬†especially¬†sweets! I tried to bribe him instead with healthy watermelon, which worked for a little while.

I’m feeling pretty good with the¬†occasional¬†bout of fatigue that comes out of nowhere. ¬† In fact, I’ve been know to wake up late, take a mid afternoon nap and then go to bed early! I may be that I’m just not sleeping well during the night since I find myself waking up a bit sore and tired. So much for 2nd trimester energy!

I’m still obsessed with making sure I’m in the healthy weight gain range. It seemed that I had tapered off a bit since my last doctors appointment, putting me more in the middle of the target range (as opposed to high), but then I weighed myself one day this weekend and holy moly did it spike up. I’m not sure if it is a true measurement, but it made me second think the dessert I was going to have that night!

The best part of the last couple of weeks is that my back pain has subsided! Thank god! It makes life so much better to not be in pain on the time! I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve felt it might flair up, but so far it was just teaser pain and didn’t blow up into the real thing!

I finished a couple of projects that I’m really excited about sharing (hopefully in the next day or so!). One has been planned since the beginning of the year (picture project) and one just sorta happened. They both turned out great and are definitely making our house more of a home!¬†

Here are my picture updates! Definitely getting bigger! 

I still have a double belly (as shown below) which is a bit annoying. I think it’s mostly because I had a lower belly pooch to begin with. I guess someday the top will catch up! Oh and big hair much?? My hair has¬†definitely¬†gotten a bit thicker (and out of control) in the past few weeks!

I’m definitely looking forward to this week since I have a few days off! Mostly it will be spent looking for day care options (talk about stressful!), trying to clean out the garage to prepare for a garage sale and updating our¬†registries¬†(which we started over the weekend). Sounds like a lot to do in only a few days!


One Response to “Weeks 22 and 23”

  1. Sarah Nicole July 2, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    Seriously, the more you stress about the extra lbs, the more you’ll gain! Don’t worry so much. You’re going to gain weight. Period. So try to enjoy being able to justify dessert! You might be at the high range now but gain less later. So stop stressing! You’re fine.

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