Vacation Blues

28 Jun

Although I can’t use a ton of vacation this summer (in order to save for maternity leave), I have planned to take a few days off in early August near my birthday. The plan was to go somewhere within California, preferably near a body of water, to just veg and relax before the baby comes.

Well, it is already the beginning of July almost and that vacation has still gone unplanned. I’m the vacation planner in the family and while most of the time I’m fairly good at it, I’m always very frugal and try to get the best deals I possibly can. This is good to a point, but lately it’s become paralyzing. I just can’t justify spending a ton of money for trip with a baby on the way.

But then I overanalyze…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a room with a view…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the hotel bed was actually comfortable…

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the spa and get massages..

Cha ching! Cha ching! Cha Ching!

The Hubs is not much of help because he says he doesn’t care what we do or where we go, but then makes comments otherwise!

Here are a few of the places I’ve considered and then dragged my feet:

San Diego – Hotel Del Coronado

Image Source: Hotel Del Coronado

This was my first choice. I had heard rave things about this hotel and thought it would be perfect. However, there were no special rates left when I finally decided to book and $375/night for a room just seemed SOOO expensive. Now I’ve dragged my feet even more and room rates are up to $425/night. I’ve NEVER paid that much for a room EVER. Add to these costs, the cost of a flight and rental car and any activities/spa/food and you have one expensive 2-3 day vacation!

I looked into other San Diego waterfront hotels and they all seem expensive (that’s what you get for being near the water I guess). They also are all booked (online at least) cause I waited til the last minute!

Big Sir – Ragged Point Inn

Image Source: Ragged Point Inn

We’ve never stayed in Big Sir and it looks beautiful. I figured we could also visit Hearst Castle which we’ve never done before. Again most of the hotels are expensive and the one reasonably priced one I found there is no cell phone service or WiFi or barely any TV. This would normally be ok if The Hubs didn’t rely on these things for entertainment. He’s not into reading, so just sitting on the patio with a book isn’t his cup of tea.

Tahoe – 965 Park Hotel

Image Source: 965 Park Hotel

Tahoe seemed like the good ol’ standby and we haven’t been there during the summer in quite awhile. This “Green” hotel seemed interesting and wasn’t that far from the lake. We know there is lots to do there, as well as the opportunity to just relax. When I mentioned this to The Hubs, his response is “I thought you wanted to do something bigger.” – Well when I worry about money, can only stay 2 nights, I don’t have a passport, I’m not allowed to go on a cruise and most of the country is EXTREMELY hot right now and doesn’t sound like ideal vacation locals, my “big” vacation  seems to get smaller. It really shouldn’t matter though since it’s just about relaxing!

Then there are options like Santa Barbara, Sonora, or just staying locally in SF or something. I’m overwhelming myself with options and worrying about all the little details that basically nothing is going to get planned.  My mom says to just book something, but I’m seriously paralyzed about choosing somewhere we won’t enjoy. (Irrational thought, I know!) I don’t know if it is worse now since I feel like this will be our last vacation sans baby or what!

Do any of you have this vacation planning problem or is just me???? Shouldn’t planning a vacation be fun?


2 Responses to “Vacation Blues”

  1. dosomethingamzing June 28, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    I can understand the stress of planning a vacation!!! It’s hard on anyone, let alone being tired and preggo!! I saw a few things when I was looking yesterday actually (Take it or leave it):

    1. Orange County:
    – San Clemente:
    -Laguna Beach:

    2. Yosemite: Very pretty in the Summer!:

    3. Sauselito:

    Sunset had some great ideas!!


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