Weeks 19 – 21

15 Jun

Finally caught up with the weekly updates! YAY! Now if I only I can keep up with them!

Week 19

Week 19 was pretty much a status quo week with not much to report. There were some really early and really late work days which were exhausting. There was a Giants game that we were late to because of said long work day. And we made it out to the closest Buy Buy Baby to get a lay of the baby product land. That was seriously overwhelming! Can I just say that their stroller department is like going to an Automall?? Luckily there was an empoloyee who was super helpful in us getting acquainted with stroller world. She was such a big help, that I think we are going to try to make an appointment with her to get some registering pointers! Buy Buy Baby is WAY nicer and much easier to navigate than that of Babies R Us. People had told me that in the past, but it wasn’t until I saw the difference for myself that I believed them. They really need to put another one in the Bay Area between Pleasant Hill and San Jose! 

The Hubs and I spent a good hour and a half in just the stroller/car seat department. We went through all the options and “test drove” a few of the strollers. Surprisingly, at the end of that said hour and a half we had made a strolller and car seat decision! Go Us! I’ve got a post covering that coming up in the next day or so! It was pretty exciting to check at least that off of our list, although I know we have SO SO SO many more decisions to make! We strolled (ha!) around the rest of the store just to get an idea of what other things they had, but didn’t make any other major decisions. We figured picking a stroller was good enough for one day!

Week 20

This was the week we’d all been waiting for! The week of the BIG ultrasound, which for most people is REALLY BIG since they find out the gender. For me it was a week mostly of anxiety (as is typical in my world). I tried to frame it as a fun experience where we’d get to see our little one with the “higher tech” ultrasound. I arrived a little early to fill out any necessary paperwork and waited not so patiently for The Hubs to arrive. He arrived right on time, but I was hoping that he would be early so I wouldn’t have to sit and be anxious by myself. Guess I should have told him that!

It then took awhile for them to even bring us back. Once we were, the ultrasound tech proceeded with the ultrasound. She took images and measurements of all the necessary organs and body parts. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the images, but it turns out that there was a reason for that. I apparently have an anterior placenta. All it means is that the placenta formed in the front instaed of the back of the uterus so it basically provides another barrier to the baby. It isn’t supposed to cause any issues although it will make movement harder to feel (especially for The Hubs) and it made the images a little bit fuzzier. The little one was a bit uncooperative at first, crossing its arms in front of its face so we couldn’t see it’s cute little profile. Eventually it moved around so the tech could get a picture. When it was time to determine the gender, The Hubs and I stuck with our decision not to find out. The tech made us turn away while she figured it out. She had some trouble since now the little one was crossing its legs! I took that as a sign that we were REALLY not supposed to find out. I think in the end she was able to determine the gender, but it took me turning on my side and her jamming the u/s probe into my right side (where the little one was hanging out) to try to make the baby move its legs in order to do so.  Half hour later we were all done. She made a brief mention that things looked normal, although the perinatalogist would be making a report and sending it to our OB who would go over the results with us at our next appointment next week. 

Week 21

This week started off with a fun weekend in SLO for my sister’s graduation. I also felt the first drumming movements of the baby which was exciting! Our doctor’s appointment to get the results of the ultrasound was scheduled for Tuesday. I was really looking forward to it. Hearing that everything was a-OK was going to be a huge relief and the marker of a big milestone. Tuesday morning I got a call from the nurse at the doctor’s office. My heart skipped a beat for a second as always my mind goes to the worst possible scenario. It turned out that their computer’s were down and the doctor had a patient in labor so I couldn’t be seen that day. Wonderful. She said she would call me back when the computer’s were up to schedule an appointment in the next couple of days. I hung up a bit upset since now my whole week would have to be scheduled at the last minute around this doctor’s appointment and I was looking forward to knowing everything was normal with the little one. It was nice however to know thought that the doctor would cancel appointments for me should I go into labor in the middle of the day! 🙂

The appointment was rescheduled for Thursday morning. The Hubs and I left a bit early, so we headed to the Starbucks across from UC Berkeley prior to the appointment. It was so nice to just sit and relax, people watch and reminisce about my old grad school days. Finally it was time for our appointment. I was a bit worried about what my weight would be since it had seemed to creep up a little excessively in the previous few days. My blood pressure was right on target (wahoo!) and my weight was… right where I thought it would be. The doctor was SO not concerned about it, but I can’t help wanting to keep it in check. Right now, I’m on target to hit the high end of the recommended amount of weight gain. Not ideal, but I guess not terrible.

Next we got our ultrasound results! She went over a few of the measurements including that the baby was weighing in at 10 ounces and that the due date we had picked based on when I ovulated and not my last period seemed about right. (I’m still convinced the little one might come a week later though…but I guess you never can tell). The Hubs scanned down the report pretty quickly to the place were it said “Abnormalities Detected: NONE”. The doctor said that was her favorite part of the report too! She went back to all the normal things that were detected, including the fact that the tech was able to get an images of the “Genitalia”.  No mention of boy or girl even for the doctor so it will be a surprise for all!  The last part of the appointment was listening to the baby’s heartbeat. She let The Hubs try to find it, but he had trouble and could only find mine. She could tell I was getting nervous about not hearing it, so she took the wand and quickly found it! Yay!

I did ask her about this back pain I was getting that is located along my lower back/upper butt. She said it was normal from everything moving around and from the extra relaxin coursing through my body. She gave me some exercises to do, but so far I haven’t found any relief. I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse as I get larger! Again only time will tell! 


** Looking at the three pictures from the last three week, guess I’m into horizontal strips! hehe 🙂 **

Anyways, we were excited for the good news that everything with the little one is great and we have NO risk factors associated with me or the baby! I was directed by the doctor to enjoy the next four weeks since there is really nothing to be done testing wise! YAY!


2 Responses to “Weeks 19 – 21”

  1. dosomethingamzing June 18, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    Your pelvis is shifting making your SI more tender…..if you need any help lemme know! I would suggest after the baby is born to get a SI belt….it will make your SI go back into place better afterwards!

    • Jen June 19, 2012 at 8:05 am #

      I may just take you up on that offer. It’s seriously so annoying and makes turning in my sleep and bending over painful. Others have said that it gets better, so I’m hoping that’s the case. It’s worse on one side then the other so I’ve been trying to be mindful of how I sit, stand, and walk (per the suggestion of my yoga teacher), but it hasn’t seemed to help!

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