Weeks 16-18

14 Jun

**Written on May 25, 2012**

It seems I do better at writing these updates in chunks, rather than by week. Not the best for remembering all of the details, but I have been recording a good, bad or ugly memory in my One Line a Day journal!

Week 16

This week started off with an unfortunate call to AT&T that ended in me being hung up and and a wave of crazy pregnancy tears. We had some new boxes delivered and when we went to install them per the very easy directions included in the box, we lost all television signal. I proceeded to call AT&T and got transferred to three different people who could all NOT help me. They wanted to send a tech out, but obviously all of the times they wanted to do so were inconvenient for me and The Hubs (hello! we work full time jobs!). I started talking to a manager who proceeded to hang up on me! That was seriously the last straw. We spent the next week assessing how we would do without TV and found that we didn’t really miss it that much and were getting so much more done around the house (a MUCH needed thing with a baby on the way!)

It’s no secret that I love yoga, so I tried finding a prenatal yoga class that was closer to my house rather than traveling every week to Berkeley. I decided to try a place nearby and was SORELY disappointed! The class ended up being a prenatal/gental yoga class that included many overweight men and women participants and only two pregnant ladies. Not at all what I expected!! Guess I’m a bit spoiled going to yoga in Berkeley. Everything just seems better there!

Otherwise, this week didn’t really present in new strange symptoms. I feel like I was pretty much at status quo!

Week 17

There were a few highlights of this week.

The first was officially cancelling cable! Man did it feel liberating! šŸ™‚

The second was heading to Day One in Walnut Creek with my mom and sister where I signed up for some classes. That place is awesome! Books to borrow, knowledgeable people there to help and even the offer of prenatal yoga classes. I wish it was closer!

The third was our next doctor’s appointment. Although we were running late (which was super stressful), I was happy to see that my blood pressure was perfect (for the first time EVER when going to the doctor) and we got to actually hear the little one’s heart beat – a strong 140 – 147 bpm. I sorta thing that hearing the heartbeat was even better than seeing the ultrasound, although I have only so far seen the low quality ultrasound at my doctor’s office. We have the big ultrasound in a couple of weeks, which should be fun. I think we are still set with the decision NOT to find out the gender!

The last was my first of a series of serious emotional breakdowns. I really feel like I’ve been more emotionally off then physically off this pregnancy. With the seeming lack of excitement at the beginning, to now just being crazy overwhelmed with everything! I was an emotional crazy anxious person before, but it has grown to an all new level as you will see…

My first freakout happened in the dressing room of Motherhood Maternity. I was looking for a pair of jeans I had found at Macy’s and couldn’t find the exact pair. This elicited an onset of tears. Then I got home and realized I had lost my Day One prenatal yoga coupon I was so excited about! Again with the tears… (Update: I later found the coupon a few days later…) And this only got worse…

Forgot to take a picture this week, but did take one in the dressing room of Target to show my mom a shirt I was planning to get. I’m not so good at self cell phone shots (why so serious!)!

Week 18

This week, I had a MAJOR MAJOR crying fit that basically lasted 24 hours, much to The Hubs’s dismay. It started with just being overwhelmed with all of the STUFF we have to do. The Hubs is working on a major project in the backyard that I have no idea when it will get done. We have a room full of stuff that needs to be emptied with no where to put it. We have a garage full of crap. We have to start looking into day care options. We have to start deciding what types of baby items we want to buy (and when we both have differing opinions it just makes things worse!).

The tears stopped for an hour or so when we went to our first baby class all about “Baby Gear”. That was very informative, but again overwhelming. So many things to think about and decide (buying special detergents, making sure things are safe for baby, a bazillion different options for EVERYTHING!).

Then we got home where the tears started again because the house was a disaster! The Hubs thought I was crazy so I went into full on cleaning mode, scrubbing the kitchen and even the bathtub till it was as clean as I could get it, while he went in the other room to avoid my wrath!

I’m not sure if any of you other preggos have gone through this, but so far it has been the hardest part. I was an emotional girl before who probably should have been seeing a therapist or something to work out my issues with anxiety /perfectionism/etc. Now throw a baby in the mix and it will only get worse! I really just want to let things go and be happy so I took the first step and asked my doc for some therapist recs. I knows it’s totally taboo to talk about this kind of stuff, but if anyone else is going through it, it’s good to know you are not alone! Now I just need to get up the courage to call and make an appt!!

No picture for Week 18 that I can find I took. Must have been related to the emotional meltdown! šŸ™‚

Things toward the end of the week were much better, so here’s to hoping for a happy start to the midpoint of this pregnancy! šŸ™‚

Sorry for the long posts! Maybe I can some day get better at doing this weekly so they aren’t so long! šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Weeks 16-18”

  1. dosomethingamzing June 14, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Lemme know if you ever need help moving things around/helping with anything around the house! Or really anything=)

  2. Shayla June 15, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    I’m so sorry you were having a rough couple weeks there…I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to have all those crazy pregnancy emotions floating through your body! Just know that we love reading your updates and there doesn’t need to be any rhyme or reason to them…I just love reading your posts to begin with! I hope the next week got better for you and I can’t wait to hear how the BIG ultrasound went! šŸ™‚ xo


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