BIG Ultrasound Today

7 Jun

So today is the day of our BIG ultrasound.

I know I should be super excited about it (I know The Hubs is!), but in typical Jen fashion, I’m just more worried about it than anything.  I hope everything looks great and the little one is healthy! Once I know that, I think I’ll feel better and be more reassured.

I had discussed my concerns with my doctor at my last appointment and she said that I really need to reframe the way I look at the ultrasound. She said the worst part was going to be having to keep my bladder full while the tech is pushing on my stomach! It’s going to be amazing to see the baby on the high tech u/s screen (compared with the crappy one my dr. has).

She’s totally right and I’m trying to do that, it’s just hard when the worry creeps back in. Just another reason I need to find someone to talk to (a story for another day, but I will say it is NOT easy to find someone!).

We are still both on board for NOT finding out the gender though. I’m doing this mostly because it is something I’ve said I would do since I was younger. I think it is going to be an awesome surprise to find out whether it is a boy or a girl on the little one’s actual birthday! Give me some more incentive to push through the pain! hehe 🙂

I am a bit bummed that I can’t get all of the cute clothes that I see in the stores for either a boy or a girl. Let me tell you that now that everyone finds out the gender before the baby is born, the selection of gender neutral clothes is seriously lacking! I think it is kind of ridiculous! Luckily, I felt better after a trip to Buy Buy Baby where I found some really cute gender neutral things. I didn’t buy anything yet, but at least I know where to tell people to go! 🙂

And a gender neutral one my sister will REALLY love!

I’m planning on telling the tech right away that we don’t want to find out (already told the lady on the phone too!) and hopefully they don’t slip and tell us on accident!  But if that’s the worst part about tomorrow, I’ll still be happy!

Won’t be posting over the weekend since we’ll be in SLO for my sister’s graduation so I’ll write an update on how everything went next week!


2 Responses to “BIG Ultrasound Today”

  1. Michelle June 7, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    Have a great appointment! And fun at your sister’s graduation. Also, BOOOO to Team Green. 🙂 Just kidding.

  2. Lauren June 7, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Yeah! We didn’t find out either and it was a really fun surprise. An added benefit that I hadn’t counted on was my satisfaction in disappointing random strangers that would ask what I was having after making inappropriate comments on my weight or belly. I know that’s a little mean but it was fun =)

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