Week 9

29 May

**Written on March 14**

This week for some reason felt rougher…  Let’s just say, that I don’t feel like myself mixed with a little bit of seasickness.

It started calmly enough with my fist post-finding out I was pregnant acupuncture appointment. It was mostly the same routine (no more belly acupuncture points though), except that when she checked my pulse she said it was nice and pregnant. I guess a “pregnant pulse” is stronger, faster and more superficial (whatever that means). As always it was so relaxing. And being that I had woken up at 5:00 am for work that morning, I totally fell asleep during my treatment. Oh well. It’s all about rest and rejuvenation, so I’ll take it.

The weekend was pretty lazy in that The Hubs and I did NOTHING. In trying to catch up on some sleep I missed out on during the week, I slept in on Saturday and took a nap. It ended up not to be the best idea since apparently oversleeping can cause nausea from not eating and crankiness! On Sunday, The Hubs and I went to see Friends with Kids. It was a really cute movie that we enjoyed. It’s a shame that it isn’t playing in more locations! After the movie, I showed The Hubs, the magic of the library (he is not a book person) in that he could borrow an old school movie for FREE! I also picked up a couple of pregnancy books including From the Hips and The Baby Bump. I’m really like the info in From the Hip, but still haven’t been able to really get into any pregnancy book. I sorta start them and never finish… Maybe that will change after my doctor appointment next week!

Earlier on Sunday, I had “thought” that I might want ribs, onion pototatoes and zuchini for dinner. It sound delish and The Hubs was totally on board. So after the movie, he came home and prepared the meal (which took hours). By the time it was prepared, I was not feeling so good and definitely not feeling like eating any meat. I FELT TERRIBLE! I did eat one serving of both sides, but ended up eating barely any of the ribs. In fact, I didn’t even eat any leftovers over the next few days! Luckily, The Hubs enjoyed his meal, but I still felt so terrible about all the hard work he put in. I apologized profusely and he seemed to forgive me. 🙂

I think the fluctuations in my appetite are the weirdest thing. I’m hungry and KNOW I should eat, but I don’t feel like eating. I want one thing, so I make it, then don’t feel like eating it. I randomly want Chinese food in the middle of the day (and lucky for me I have a pregnant friend at work who had the same thought!). I never thought I would be one to have “morning” sickness or cravings/aversions. In true Jen fashion, I worry about going to the doctor on Tuesday and finding out for some reason I’m not pregnant and then having to explain away all this weird stuff going on! I hope that isn’t the case though!

On Monday night, I hardly slept at all because I had stomach cramps all night. Now I’m not the best at discerning between different types of cramps, but these definitely felt more IBS-like than PMS-like. I moved around a bit to find a more comfortable position to sleep which sometimes helped. By morning time, it was mostly gone. Looking back, it was likely just a result of bloat… Fun Fun.

Concentrating is also another thing I’m having trouble doing…especially at work. I seem to have NO motivation. I’m not sure if that is due to fatigue or boredom, but it stresses me out. Not sure how to get out of my funk!

In general, I think things are going mostly ok, but I think it will be reassuring (hopefully) to go to the doctor next week.


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