Week 7

23 May

** Written on February 29th, 2012. HAPPY LEAP DAY!**

So I’ve been reading baby blogs for as long as I can remember, but I’m still not sure how to do these updates! No picture for this week since I still think it is a bit early for that!

Today, I “think” I am 7 weeks pregnant. We’ll have to wait till our appointment in a few weeks which could put us a week behind that, but for now, I’m going to stick with this.

I still don’t feel pregnant so it has been a bit strange thinking about it. I’ve started reading some general pregnancy books like What to Expect When Your Expecting and The Mayo Clinic Pregnancy Book. These books have lots of great information, but they do cause a bit of unneccessary extra worry. Take in account that we recently found out that The Hubs’s dad had a sister that died of spina bifida  and that his mom had a late term miscarriage (still waiting to ask if she knew the cause). Immediately this got me thinking all sorts of negative things. I’m trying not to worry about it knowing that I CAN’T control either of these things at this point. I also am anal about checking my panty liner and every time I go to the bathroom for any blood (Anyone else do this?) .  Every time I don’t, I say a little thank you.  In general,  I’m just trying to focus on staying relaxed and eating as healthy as possible.

I’m continuing with Yoga for Fertility until I feel comfortable announcing my pregnancy to a Prenatal Yoga Class. I ran this by the teacher and she was fine with this. For the sake of the others in the class, I’m not going to mention my pregnancy at this point since I don’t want to make anyone feel bad since everyone is struggling with conceiving. I know that I would be a bit annoyed if someone else did that. I’ll wait till my last Yoga for Fertility class to say anything. I want to keep up with yoga since I love it so, but I’m a little leery about doing a mainstream class since I’m afraid I can do something to risk miscarrying. Cue crazy girl music here…

I was also sick with a cold this week which SUCKED. I normally don’t take anything for a cold, but just KNOWING I CAN’T take anything seemed to make things worse! The Hubs had it the week before, so it isn’t a shocker that I caught it. I tried to sleep it off as much as I could, including staying home from work yesterday. It seems to be on its last leg although I still have remnants of a cough and sore nose. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t linger though Week 8!

So far no symptoms that I can feel (other than slightly sore boobs which are only just a little bit annoying), although I’m not sure if pregnancy brain is a real thing and can start this early…  On the day that I stayed home sick,  I accidentally left a burner on low after making soup (So dangerous I know! Didn’t realize it till The Hubs got home). I also put a pair of underwear in the refrigerator (I was carrying something that was supposed to go in the fridge at the same time, so I guess it’s not THAT weird). I thought maybe I threw them away but didn’t see them in the trash. Didn’t find them till hours later!

Not much else to report, other than The Hubs has been super sweet since we found out. He came home from work the other day with beautiful tulips and a tub of frozen yogurt (since I have given up ice cream for Lent!).

He also started reading “What to Expect” whenever I’m not reading it, which is a bit of a shocker to me since he HATES anything to do with books or reading. I think this means he’s pretty excited.

I’m still trying to keep my wits about me since it’s still too early to start throwing a party, but I’m cautiously optimistic that things will keep going well!


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