TTC: All OPK’s are NOT Created Equal

18 May

Image Source: First Response

While I was going through my first round of Clomid, I bought my first ever ovulation predictor kit.

I went with First Response since it was the brand of pregnancy choice I regularly chose every time I tested. I thought it would be relatively straight forward like a pregnancy test…one line for no ovulation, two lines for ovulation.

Not necessarily the case…

Instead, you must try your best to determine if a second line is greater than or equal to the darkness of the first line. If it is, you are experiencing a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) and ovulation should be occurring within 24 to 48 hours. If not, you are supposed to keep testing until the surge occurs.

The first time I started taking these tests I felt like I was constantly getting positive readings, which did not make any sense. (I later learned that this can sometimes happen with fertility meds, as well as those with PCOS.) So I became the crazy girl that started keeping the tests in a baggie so that I could compare the darkness of the lines to see if I could see a surge within a surge!

I had read about the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor that Mrs. Bee used, but wasn’t quite ready to spend the money on that yet. Instead, with my new Amazon Prime membership, I decided to buy a Clear Blue Easy Digital Ovulation Test kit where the sticks are individually wrapped and are inserted into a tester. After completing the test, you want three minutes for either a plain circle or a happy face. There are symbols to tell you the test is working or if an error has occurred and how to troubleshoot. Clear answers for a trained engineer who doesn’t like shades of grey!

WONDERFUL! No subjectivity, none of this grey area, a clear answer!

I was so excited when I first used the test and after five days of plain circles saw this:

It’s a wonder what a smiley face can do!

Have you ever used an ovulation predictor kit? 

What was your experience with it?


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