TTC: Clomid Round 3 ::DING DING::

17 May

** Written in late December/early January**

This cycle progressed like the last, except this time I started out by taking progesterone to induce a period. I then took my 5 supposedly “magic” pills and waited a few days.

I decided to start testing for ovulation using a digital tester (post on this tomorrow!). Whoa! That was like night and day! I tested for a few days and got negative results even though I thought I felt some cramping that could be indicative of ovulation. On Christmas Day, I got what I was looking for:

So we got right down too it (once we got home from the family’s house of course) and then the waiting began. I was soo confident!

A few days before I was allowed to test, I was driving home from work and just started crying. I had been trying to somewhat disconnect myself from the outcome of this cycle. To take each day as it comes and to accept that whatever happens is meant to be. I had been doing a really good job with this, until right around when  my period was supposed to arrive. When I knew that the moment of truth was coming, I guess that small hope that I had been lingering felt like it might be snuffed out.. Again…

The same thing happened at work the next day. Every cramp or twinge I believed was the start of my period. An unwanted guest at this point. I also felt other symptoms that I was SURE was pregnancy related.

At Day 12 past ovulation I decided to just test and got a big resounding NO! And as evidence of my continued inability to detach myself from the outcome, I had a good cry multiple times that morning.

I feel like everyone says to have hope and be positive, but I had SO much hope for this last cycle. Felt all the things that I thought would indicate pregnancy, just to be sorely disappointed a few days later. I cried pretty much the whole day AF started to make her appearance and then was upset with myself for being upset (crazy I know, when I should just be compassionate with myself).

We’re gonna take a break from this for a few weeks since we have a trip to Vegas planned in a couple of weeks. And when we get back… well I guess we’ll decide what to do next…


One Response to “TTC: Clomid Round 3 ::DING DING::”

  1. Shayla @ The Good Life May 17, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Oooooo nice cliff hanger 😉 can’t wait to hear what you did next!!!

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