Week 8

7 Mar

** Written on March 7th**

This week I was on what I thought was the tail end of the cold I had last week. For the most part, I felt better although I still have a cough that was pretty annoying.

Still haven’t felt many pregnancy symptoms although  did get my first taste of afternoon nauseousness. It all started with weighing myself, which was NOT a good idea. It appeared that I had gained like 7 pounds in a week! I thought that was crazy considering I wasn’t eating any more food than normal and was being really diligent about eating healthy. The next day, I decided to have blueberries for breakfast instead of something carb filled (i.e. a bagel, cereal or oatmeal). Then I decided to go to the gym at lunch. By the time I went to eat the salad I had brought for lunch, it was NOT looking appetizing. I decided to force myself to eat for the baby’s sake. Then on my drive home an incredible wave of sickness hit me and I thought I was going to throw up. I tried to eat a few carrots to settled what I thought was a hungry stomach, but that didn’t work well. It made me feel worse. The Hubs then made pasta with a side of bread and veggie for dinner. After eating that, I felt much better. I haven’t weighed myself since, but did learn from this experience that I really do need to eat regular meals and snacks and try not to worry about it!

The only other symptom I’ve felt was fatigue with a side of muscle aches. I don’t really see muscle aches listed as a possible symptom of early pregnancy, but I guess everyone is different. It it more annoying than anything else. Usually a warm shower and going to bed early helps a sister out. My biceps were also super sore from hanging with this little cutie on Saturday.  Who knew a 14 month old could be SO heavy!? I didn’t realize it till later, but it was still worth it! 🙂

We had some fun at Michael’s as you can see! Good thing he is such a good sport!!

The Hubs has been incredibly helpful over the last two weeks in the most awesome possible way. He always asks if I need anything or if I want him to run to the store. He has dealt with some crazy mood swings (caused by bad traffic, work crap, and a dummy at the gym who would NOT leave his parking spot in a timely manner!) and has just been really understanding. I love him so much!

Still haven’t taken a belly pic yet. Think I may wait till after my doctor’s appointment on the 20th! I did get a nice email from my doctor saying congratulations and to let me know that I could always schedule an earlier appointment if I wanted. I think I’ll just wait till the appointment I already scheduled…

One Response to “Week 8”

  1. Sarah Nicole May 25, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Omg! Haha! Love him ❤

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