TTC Break – Round 4??

24 Feb

**Written February 24th, 2012.**

After the emotional debaucle that ended Round3 of being SO SO SO sure I was pregnant and not, the doctor suggested we take a break considering the crazy amount of stress I appeared to be under (i.e. hysterical crying in her office).

The Hubs and I were fine with that! We had plans to go to Vegas in a couple of weeks to see Garth Brooks (another post I NEED to do!) and didn’t want to have to worry about when or if I was ovulating. I decided to do minimal temperature tracking and just live my life as I normally would before this whole process started (this included a couple of glasses of wine a few days a week).

I also decided to attempt some alternative methods of regulating my cycle, so I decided to see an acupuncturist. I’ll probably do a whole post on acupuncture. I went a total of four times (about every other week) and absolutely loved it! It was so relaxing. It was a time just for me, where I could lay down and have the best shavasanah you could imagine!

Right after my first acupuncture treatment, I decided to do some temperature charting. I resolved not to do it every day, but just every once and awhile if I remembered to see if I could tell if anything was  happening.

During all of this, The Hubs went for a semen analysis so that we would be prepared with the results the next time I saw my doctor in March. The first looked abnormal in that there was just barely normal volume and quantity & a few blood cells, so a week or so later he went for another. It also showed some abnormalities, but those that were different from the first test! So The Hubs went to see a urologist who told him that for the most part things looked fine and there was nothing HE could do to improve the results (i.e no blockages). He did tell The Hubs to cut back on caffeine and alcohol which he resolved to do (and has been doing ever since!) Go him!

So back to me, just before my third acupuncture treatment, I noticed an increase in my temperature. Hmm… Could I have ovulated naturally? I continued to take my temperature on weekdays to see if it was a fluke and it did not appear to be. I showed it to my acupuncturist and she agreed. Unfortunately, I missed a bunch of temps so I couldn’t tell exactly when it happened and  I wasn’t charting when we were “doing it” so I wasn’t sure if anything had been timed correctly.

Ovulation would have occurred just around the time of when The Hubs was abstaining for his test, although we may have lined things up on the one last day before the temperature spike. I figured I would wait it out and see. I was even pretty excited to see my period come! It would be so cool! My first UNMEDICATED period since before I went on birth control many moons ago!

Two weeks went by and nothing. My luteal phase is sometimes long though (when I’ve had one), so I kept waiting it out. I was occasionally getting cramps and my boobs were occasionally hurting, but nothing that I hadn’t experienced in Round 3.  I had no thought or desire to test.

Then my friend Lisa and I went jogging and I was talking about how I was feeling. I was starting to get the feeling of possibly getting a bladder infection without the tremendous pain.  This was something she felt when she was newly pregnant so she thought I should test to be sure. Plus it was 18 days passed the last possible day of ovulation. More than enough time to tell one way or the other…

That night The Hubs and I went to SUSHI where I had TWO glasses of wine. I was in no hurry to take the test as I was sure I knew what it would say. At 8:00pm I finally had enough pee to make it work. I went to the bathroom, peed on the stick, capped it, and just barely set it down (literally less than 5 seconds) before I saw THIS:

HOLY CRAP! How the hell is this possible???? Well obviously I knew how it was possible, but WHAT? The Hubs came in thinking I was screaming about a bug or the dog. When I showed him, he was like, “Are you sure? That line is kinda faint. (looking at the control line, NOT the positive line). I told him i was sure and we both just looked at each other. After all that stress and worry, this day had finally come and when we least expected it! (Isn’t that how they say it happens?)  Needless to say, I DID NOT get much sleep that night!

This was on February 23th. Based on the start of my last period, it calculates that I’m already 6 WEEKS PREGNANT! Frickin’ crazy!

My doctor is going to say that it is the fact that I was less stressed that helped this time around, but I’m CONVINCED it was the acupuncture. I’ve NEVER had an ovulatory cycle in the 8 months I was unmedicated. And was only 2 for 3 with Clomid. I don’t see her until mid-March when I’ll be 10 weeks.

We are both so excited, but still very cautious. Only close friends and family know at this point. I’m trying to keep my wits about me and continue the calmness I felt over the last cycle through this pregnancy (i.e. not worrying about every cramp or twinge). We’ll see how it goes!


One Response to “TTC Break – Round 4??”

  1. Shayla @ The Good Life May 21, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    Awww what a beautiful story!!!! I just love this so so much Jen and I’m so over the moon happy and excited for you and The Hubs 🙂 It is especially SO AMAZING that you did this naturally!!! They do always say that it happens when you stop thinking about it, less stress, and just have an attitude of “what will be, will be.” I need to start doing that, lol! I would LOVE more information on anything and everything that helped you get pregnant. I’ve lessened my exercise a lot and gained to a healthy BMI of 22…you may remember I had Hypothalamic Ameorrhea and now that I’m recovered from that it seems I have lean PCOS and since you have PCOS too, I’m thinking I need to try acupuncture! I know I don’t live quite where you do but could you please comment here or email me your acupuncturist information or any you may know of in the San Mateo area?? And anything else that helped? Were you working out all? Yoga? I’d great appreciate it and congrats again!!!! SO SO happy for you!!!!! 🙂 xoxo

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