Adventures in the Kitchen – Indian Inspiration

16 Jan

This isn’t really an adventure, since the preparation was all in opening a package, cutting some chicken and adding water, but the result is SO delicious!

We live next door to an Indian family who makes curry on a daily basis. The yummy smell wafting into our kitchen beckons us. One such day, The Hubs and I decided to take matters into our own hands and set out to the store to see if we could get something with Indian flavors that wasn’t too hard to make.

Upon perusing the exotic food aisle, we came across some packages of Indian pastes made by Sukhi’s where all you had to do was add yogurt or water and veggies or chicken. Being the lazy bums we are, we picked the just add water package to make ourselves some Classic Indian Curry.

Here’s a picture of the chicken simmering. The liquid ends up turning into an awesome sauce. So awesome that upon cleaning up, The Hubs “cleaned up” the pot with a fresh piece of naan!

Just a short while later we plated up the final product, paired with brown rice, brussels sprouts and bacon and a piece of naan. Delish!

This is a quick meal that has now become a staple in our house and is being added to our recipe rotation! 🙂

What are your favorite quick and easy meals?


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