Well that explains it…

13 Jan

Image Source: Haunted American Tours

About half way through my crap week and realized huh Friday, January 13th… ugh… FRIDAY the 13th

Maybe that explains all the crap that has happened since last Friday. A whole week of crappiness to culminate with the feast holiday of bad luck! I wish I could stay in bed all day today to avoid any pitfalls I might encounter to end this week off even worse than it started, but no can do with meetings planned all day.

Now I’m not normally that superstitious, but I’m sorta hoping that with the coming and going of this “dreaded” day that my luck turns around. I guess I’ll have to wait till next week to find out!

Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?


One Response to “Well that explains it…”

  1. Shayla @ The Good Life January 13, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    I’m a very superstitious person and I believe that if you had a bad week that Friday the 13th could have very well have had something to do with it! 😉 And I’m a firm believer that when it’s a full moon many weird things happen and people just act strange…people drive crazier, they’re rude in the grocery stores, one bad thing after another happens to me….and it was a full moon these past couple days – perhaps that’s what did it for you too?! Here’s to hoping your week turns around tomorrow!! 🙂

    Saw the link to Rutherford Hill Winery – gorgeous!!! Never been before and I hope you get to go there this weekend and enjoy lots of delicious wine and food 😉

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