7 Oct
Image Source: We Heart It

Wahoo! Thank God  it’s Friday!

I feel like the last two weeks have dragged on. Must be the post-vacation slump. (Has it already been a month since Seattle??) I’m already ready for my next vacation day. Unfortunately, neither The Hubs and I have this Monday off for Columbus Day. 😦

The Hubs and I don’t have any special plans this weekend, although the weather in the Bay is supposed to be really nice. After a week of rain, it might be nice to get a little bit of sun!

Fleet Week is coming to the city, so if we have enough energy to brave the crowds, maybe we’ll head there. Or else we’ll just hang out around the house doing errands and maybe go out to the movies to see Moneyball. I hope to spend a little time drafting some blog posts for next week as well!

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend or are you content just hanging around the house? 

Are any of you lucky enough to have Columbus Day off?


One Response to “TGIF”

  1. Sarah Nicole October 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    No Monday off for us either and I'm already starting to feel like this weekend is gonna be too short! Ack!

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