Christmas in San Francisco

12 Dec

Every holiday season, The Hubs and I try to make it across the Bay to spend an evening enjoying the lights and sounds of Christmas in the City.

This year, my family and Kris’s mom decided to take the trip with us.

When we got to SF, we were amazed at what such a beautiful night it was. The air was calm and warm. We didn’t even need the heavy winter coats we brought with us. This is the first weekend in probably a month were we haven’t had rain on the weekend, so there were TONS of people out enjoying the weather with us.

Our first stop was a quick bite to eat at a restaurant that offers a San Francisco staple.

Boudin Bakery has the BEST sourdough bread! The Hubs and I had their famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

Next up, we walked through Macy’s over to Union Square where we enjoyed the beautiful Christmas tree and all of the lights that Macy’s put up in their windows.

It was the perfect opportunity to take a holiday picture with a beautiful backdrop!

We went into the Westin St. Francis to take a ride on their Tower Elevators. The Hubs and I did it last year and it was scary, but provided a great view of the city! Unfortunately, the hotel figured out that non-hotel stayers were taking rides so they started only letting people with keys in that area. Bummer! We did get to see the cool gingerbread house made out of sugar though.

On the way back to BART, we got to see some cute pups and kittens in the window. These kittens were snuggling! They were SO adorable!

We had a great time with our family in the city! The Hubs and I enjoyed it so much we may go back and have dinner at Lefty O’Doul’s so we can meet the infamous Santa who was fired from Macy’s!

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS and especially Christmas in the City!


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