Let’s Try This Again!

1 Dec

So I’ve obviously been a bad, bad blogger and haven’t posted in almost a year! Reading blogs has become one of my favorite things to do this year and I thought that writing a blog would be a fun way to connect with all those people I love reading in the blogosphere. I even ended up convincing my best friend to start a blog ( now she’s got TWO! bloem and One Ring Short of a Circus)! Well, life got the better of this wanna-be blogger and well my blog never got up and running…

I’ve decided to give it another go and what better way then starting out with a full month where the topics of the blogs are chose for me! I’ve decided to participate in #Reverb10. It is a month long annual online event where bloggers reflect on the year that has passed and manifest what next year will bring. I read about the event on KimberlyMichelle – one of my fav bloggers who I followed to her personal blog from Weddingbee.

I think this is the perfect time for me to reflect on what I really want out of life both personally and professionally and to take the steps necessary to make it happen!

Will you choose to share your story and #Reverb10?


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